Creative Baby Photography

Creative Baby Photography

Swedish photographer Emil Nystrom inserts his adorable daughter Signhild into unbelievable situations and creative locations.

Using the power of image editing, talented artist and loving father created a series of wonderful and creative baby photos. Amazing family album!

Emil Nystrom

Fruit Ninja

Baby Photos

Extreme Climbing

Creative Baby Pictures

Cooking Time

Baby Pictures

New Friend

Baby Photography

Birthday Party

Creative Baby Photos

Magic Fairy

Baby Photography by Emil Nystrom

Time to take a Bath

Baby Photos by Emil Nystrom

Adorable Mechanic

Baby Pictures by Emil Nystrom

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  1. diego

    this is so sweet I died by diabetes

  2. jacklyn

    I have seen many versions of this, but it never gets old! :) Very very clever work

  3. ronald

    poor photography/retouching skills :(

  4. Gert

    Ronald, really? This is by no means ‘epic’ skill but poor? Sorry dude but you are being critical just for the sake of being critical. Let’s see YOUR skill level man.

  5. cole

    tbh, i don’t really see how this is any more creative than any other baby photography

  6. Ends

    Looking at some of these comments Syria suddenly makes sense.. jeez get a sense of humour guys just lighten up.

    Thanks for sharing this, I had a chuckle esp Time to take a bath

  7. Sarah

    LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE!! These photos are intended to make you smile, laugh, and go AWWWWW. Get off your soapbox, take a chill pill, and find something better to do than complain…you’re going to get an ulcer.

    These are adorable :) Well done :)

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