Confessions of a Designer

Confessions of a Designer

Series of posters by Anneke Short features quotes that perfectly describe inner thoughts and true feelings of graphic designers.

London based product designer compiled a list of popular design quotes and created “Confessions of a Designer” series.

Confession of a Designer

Designer Confessions

Designer Confession

Design Quote

Design Quotes

Design Poster

Famous Design Quotes

Anneke Short

Comic Sans Poster

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  1. Immelmann

    They’re less “confessions” and more “t-shirts worn by starbucks regulars”.

  2. soddjjen

    This isn’t real design…oh wait, I should put this comment on a colored background and submit it, maybe my opinions can get featured too.

  3. Deidre

    Wahahaha, yip. Great quotes. Just love them.

  4. Zack

    Love them, lol @ people who aren’t in the field and can’t comprehend these things.

  5. gunneos

    confessions of a layman: get off your high horses.

  6. K

    Photoshop is spelled with a capital “P.” Confessions of Copywriter. BOO-YA!

  7. nerd

    the gray one is the best! yay macs!

  8. Gert

    Only artists who don’t enjoy actually thinking like Macs better. Everyone else knows that other than a couple design features made for basically lazy or dumb people, PCs are equal in quality of Macs but cost much less and don’t come with a sign that says I’m a pretentious ***hat. I say that having worked on both in my years. I can have 3 Adobe programs and CAD open on a PC. A Mac can’t do that without crashing or bogging down. In anything Engineering illustrator related, this isn’t an option, this is a requirement.

  9. Anna


  10. Vinz Clortho

    Does anyone care. No, I didn’t think so.

  11. Max

    Regardless of the quality of the quotes or its design I wonder who the target audience is meant to be. It seems such a random project…

  12. Thom Marchionna

    When people walk around talking to themselves, they call it insanity. When designers sit around talking to other designers, they call it creativity. Pfft.

  13. Betty

    These are not confessions, these are snarky comments.

  14. designers gone bad...

    who says that? designers who think the world of themselves, that’s who…

  15. Ru

    Real designers use Linux and design their own open source software. Macs are for suckers who want to appear creative while not actually doing so. Also there are many more programmes available on PC that are no available on Mac, eg Rhino CAD

  16. Pete

    Nobody likes people who are fully of themselves, regardless of profession. I appreciate arts and design, just not (as someone else said here) snarky hipster t-shirt slogans.

    The “comic sans” and mac comments make me think this is from someone who is in their second semester of art school. It’s a bit like how Psych majors think they can go around diagnosing problems in their friends.

    Or maybe it’s from someone in another field who just thinks they understand design. This happens a lot in my field (software).

    And using the same paper stock art on every one of those? Cop out :)

  17. Mapache

    I really really hope this is a parody of those snobby designers.

  18. designer

    In response to Ru’s comment…

    Not all designers design software and would ever want to touch Linux. One of the ‘confessions’ up there was about coming up with logos so it is obviously talking about graphic design, who are much better suited to using macs.

    You clearly don’t understand much about design outside your own field. These posters were obviously meant in a light hearted humorous way, so why is everyone getting so offended by them? jeeeeez.

    also… Rhino IS available on macs, yet you would never find a professional using it. It’s all about Solidworks.

  19. Joe

    This is stuff graphic designers say, not designers in general.

    Every graphic designer I know uses a Mac.

    At any rate, “Mac vs PC” is a false dichotomy. PC is an umbrella term for countless computer brands that run Microsoft operating systems. Mac refers to one computer company. So when you say that Mac>PC, you are really saying Mac>every other computer company, which is a broad statement to make. When PC users say that PC>Mac, they mean the best PCs (or a mid range PC with a lot of mods) is better than an off the shelf Mac. When a Mac user says Mac>PC, they mean that their Mac is better than a stock, mid to low end PC. Neither addresses the other head on.

    Of course the issue is totally irrelevant, like arguing the merits of pineapple on a pizza.

  20. NIcé

    Remember the perspective of speaker when he says mac is better than pc.
    I agree that for design and such stuff mac is kind of easier to use. But if you compare the price hmm..

    And also i want to hit people when people compare pc with mac because.. What is PC seriously? Doesn’t PC stand for Personal Computer? isn’t mac a personal computer? dumbs.

  21. Kris

    We are all clever when posting comments aren’t we:
    1. Why is the “insanity” of talking to yourself and talking to others in your field a relevant comparison?
    2. Why does any discussion about graphic designers devolve to a discussion about Mac vs PC?
    3. Why is it that “designers” talking about things that irritate them about clients in their field considered pretentious or need comments like “get off your high horse”? I am pretty sure everyone in every industry has a list of annoying client habits, especially when they know the standards and the client usually does NOT.

    Maybe it’s because graphic designers are in the field of visual communication so the neck is stuck out that much farther for another “insightful” person to spend some time to say the things they want to say to their designer, but wants their flashy logo that POPS for a little less than Walmart would pay a child laborer to make a Nike knockoff.

    Let the person vent, no one is asking you change your religion or political affiliation.


  22. Ken

    What if I’m doing a comic, do I have to use Arial? Wouldn’t comic be best?

    Actually Comic is a font, it is not a typeface. Know the difference.

  23. Matthew

    The series itself is rather nice for poster art.

    All that I take issue with is the content.

    “perfectly describe inner thoughts and true feelings of graphic designers.”

    This may be a series of personal beliefs from the author, but nevertheless it is presented as a list of common sayings from designers everywhere.

    The “Comic Sans” poster is a bit puerile, don’t you think? I understand it’s amusing, but I don’t want anyone to have the impression (clearly inferred here) that any typeface is inherently good or bad. Comic Sans, Papyrus, Myriad may not have the immediate appeal of Franklin Gothic Condensed or Proxima Nova or a fine Didot, but they certainly have their place. Circumstances of composition will determine the form and function of type. No designer should determine it for themselves outside of the constraints of the work at hand.

    Secondly, Macs? Really? Someone even went as far to say that every graphic designer he/she knows uses one. Macs are certainly appealing in at least a couple ways, but in my opinion PCs operating Windows or Linux are superior in one major way: price.

    The workstation I type this on was built by me for about $1000. I have a dual, 24″ monitor setup (both are LED with superb light balance), 16GB RAM, a blu-ray burner, USB3 and SATA6 support and maybe the best Logitech keyboard and mouse money can buy.

    I usually have 2 or 3 Adobe Suite applications running at once, along with a zillion tabs in Chrome and my favorite code-editor. And it’s infinitely faster than the iMacs I use at the studio rooms of my University here. iMacs which cost more than twice as much… so yeah.

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