Nails Sculptures by Jaime Molina

Nails Sculptures by Jaime Molina

Whimsical characters made out of nails and found wood push the boundaries of creativity and are a feast for the eyes.

Jaime Molina creates charming sculptures using nails and pieces of wood he finds. Nails serve as the metal facial hair of wooden creatures.

The artist paints them with acrylic and shapes them into unique characters.

Extremely talented Jaime Molina is known by his artistic name, Cuttyup.

Jaime Molina Nail Sculpture

Jaime Molina Nails Sculpture

Jaime Molina Nail Sculptures

Nail Sculpture by Jaime Molina

Nail Sculptures by Jaime Molina

Nails Sculpture by Jaime Molina

Jaime Molina Nails Sculptures

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