Beeo Honey Made by Bees

Beeo Honey Made by Bees

Unique honey packaging inspired by the shape of simplified hive icon conveys a sense of excellence and innovation.

The use of noble materials such as glass and wood gives the container a distinguished and nature-respecting aesthetic.

Beeo is a new brand of honey that adheres to the standards of organic farming and fair compensation for beekeepers.

The name Beeo, which is a contraction of “bee” and “organic,” effectively conveys the brand’s focus on honey and organic products.

Packaging designed by Hurtikonn reflects the quality of the honey inside.

Hurtikonn Beeo Honey Packaging

Hurtikonn Honey Packaging

Hurtikonn Beeo


Hurtikonn Beeo Honey

Beeo Honey

Made by Bees

Beeo Honey Packaging

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