Bear Coat

Bear Coat

Creative and eye-catching winter coat will transform you into a grizzly bear.

Realistic Griz Coat comes with scary looking bear claws and a hood that looks like the head of a real bear. It’s not a costume. It’s a lifestyle.

Griz Coat

Grizzly Bear Coat

Bear Winter Coat

Grizzly Coat

Realistic Bear Coat

Griz Bear Coat

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Don’t blame them if you get shot (by hunters or by freaked-out people) while wearing the bear coat.

  2. Snufkin

    i wouldn´t bear this

  3. Josh

    The perfect disguise for stealing pic-a-nic baskets. Eh, Boo-boo?

  4. Gert

    LOL.. just no

  5. Sami

    I prefer my ordinary coat! :D

  6. Vincent Goh

    Sometimes I don’t get it why people like to wear animal coat, it’s like asking animal to wear human skin.

  7. Racoon

    need to distibute it in Russia)))

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