Honey on Tap

Honey on Tap

Innovative tap system allows people to harvest delicious fresh honey without opening the beehive and with minimal disturbance to the bees.

Simply turn on the tap and watch pure honey flow into your jar. [more]

Flow Hive


Honey Tap

Flow Hive Honey on Tap

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  1. Andie Woo

    a w e s o m e. this is so cool! I recently read The Bees by L. Paull so this got me especially giddy.

    I have no idea if it would disrupt the ecosystem if a bunch of crowdfunders started their own beehive, but right off the bat, it looks like a WONDERFUL innovation to the current way of doing things; mo’ honey, less needless disruption/violence.

  2. Timothy R.

    It’s just a wonderfull idea. I’ve a beehive and it’s a pain in the a** to gather the honey.

    Since there is less and less bees, it could encourage people to have beehives, protecting them.

  3. Fajar Satria

    EXCELLENT! it’s how an innovator combines science and care for environmental balance. I REALLY WISH ONE DAY THIS PRODUCT COULD BE MASS PRODUCED.

  4. Edward

    It’s a wonderful idea – HOWEVER, have you also read about all of the current problems with Bee Colony Collapse disorder? Or that thousands of years of bee-keeping were always careful to only take the excess honey that a hive produces – not take it all and give them fructose sugar as modern industrialised bee-keeping does?

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