Leaf T-Shirts

Leaf T-Shirts

Series of creative nature inspired t-shirts designed by Dave Rittinger.

Each “Zero Footprint Shirt” was crafted using only leaves and glue.

Zero Footprint Shirt

Zero Footprint T-Shirt

Leaf T-Shirt

Autumn T-Shirt

Leaf Shirt

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  1. Snufkin

    not my style ;)

  2. Manpreet

    I wonder how hard it must have been putting the shirt on.
    ALthough they might have constructed it on the model in the first place. :)

  3. WoWGuy

    These are all the rage in Darnassus.

  4. Celzn

    I like it.

  5. James Anzalone

    its not really a shirt, is it? No. It is art though.

  6. SaraJane

    His little whispies of hair match the leaves that are curling up!

  7. jaqi mugo

    Looks like a stunt Vivien WestWood or Alexander McQueen would pull, quite high fashion.

  8. GreenDevil'z

    it’s a good art but not looking cool as T-shirts !

  9. coaster

    i know the guy modelling it. i think his name is russell.

  10. clint.ehlers

    about as stupid as you can get. Have we really stopped running out of good design? Would you ever wear this anywhere except to a Halloween party?

  11. kevin fandianto

    what does not itch

  12. bird

    that guy looks like the side of my house

  13. forumlogic

    Aw, no-one’s make any autumn jokes!

  14. Will

    Never mind the shirts – those jeans appear to go with everything! Brilliant.

  15. ITS PAN!


  16. Art of Concept

    Cool art indeed, and “technically” a good idea for T-shirts!

  17. L Bell


    I was going to fall for them but I think I will leave…


  18. VinceVega

    zero footprint? No such thing as a free lunch my friends. Where does the glue come from? How much electricity was used for lighting? How much to run the server? etc.

    Better to say “minimized foorprint” or something completely unrealted to environmental impact.

  19. Darrel

    Haha That’s funny.

  20. jumanicus

    the purple one looks half way decent, all the rest are atrocious

  21. Zerian

    I really like it :)

  22. ugh

    You have got to have too mutch time on your hands to do this

  23. enav

    where is the force obiwan kenoby… those things omg

  24. Gabi

    that guy looks indie, i like him. i think the concept is very cool..i really like the purple one

  25. @bitcrack

    Green Giant’s fashion designer for shure! Loved the Yellow one.

  26. ok

    These are all the rage in Eden

    Nice blouse.

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