Flower Brew Rose Wine Packaging

Flower Brew Rose Wine Packaging

Creative packaging features six wine bottles nestled within a cardboard box with green flowers design packed to look like beautiful red roses.

Flower Brew Spirits packaging designed by Riverside studio for the Hubei Hongliangye Wine Co., Ltd.

Crafted in the historical city of Jingzhou, China, this elixir marries the finest red sorghum, fresh roses, and the pristine waters of the Yangtze River.

Traditional brewing process, untouched by additives, ensures a harmonious experience. Symphony of elegant aromas, where the fragrance of roses lingers on the palate.

Flower Brew Rose Wine promises a delightful taste and a swift, hangover-free indulgence. Celebration of rose flower’s beauty in every sip.

Flower Brew

Riverside Design Studio

Flower Brew Packaging

Flower Brew Spirits by Riverside Design Studio

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Flower Brew Spirits

Flower Wine Packaging

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