Room Filled with Roses

Room Filled with Roses

Scottish artist Anya Gallaccio covered entire floor of the Jupiter art gallery with thousands of beautiful red roses.

“Red on Green” art installation celebrates romance, passion, and love.

Delicate petals of 10,000 roses slowly darken and add the evocation of decay and death to the themes of celebration and love.

Red on Green by Anya Gallaccio

Beautiful Rose

Red Roses

Anya Gallaccio

Roses by Anya Gallaccio

Carpet Made of Roses

Dying Roses

Dead Roses

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  1. LOL


  2. kadal

    it would be better if those roses not decay and death.
    love never die right?

  3. Douglas

    “I put them all in a big blender”

  4. Gert

    When life gives you dead roses… make potpourri. :D

  5. Mark

    A torture room for someone with allergies! LOL.

  6. Dominic


  7. Libeerian

    This is why I’m stuck paying $50 for a dozen roses on Valentines Day. Because this chick has a hold on the rose market!

  8. Karen

    I don’t understand how this is art though

  9. Banaan

    Everything that is made by an artist and is being exhibited in a gallery/museum becomes art. This installation is made by an artist and it’s exhibited in a a gallery therefore it is art.

  10. zeynab

    This is so beautiful

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