Elevator Floor Illusion

Floor Illusion

What would you do if the elevator door opened and there was no floor?

Elevator Floor Illusion 2

Elevator Floor Illusion 3

Elevator Floor Illusion Print

Elevator Floor Illusion 4

Elevator Floor Illusion

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  1. Fred


  2. Sarah

    Thats mean… but really funny
    Now if the elevator doors opened and there was no floor well I’d take another elevator or the stairs!

  3. Bobby

    Just like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Gotta carry some sand with you AT ALL TIMES!

  4. unitechy

    oh man thats scary..i would rather take stairs..

  5. Will

    Wow! Very scary, but also very cool.

  6. Mortaza

    Very nice!
    I’m gonna try it!

  7. mojtaba isaac

    By Saint John, that’s a highly scary thing to do, I myself can’t IMAGINE it!

  8. Jojo

    Firt when i saw this picture of elevator , i thought the floor was made of glass !

  9. destine

    WOW awsome but scary verry scary

  10. rosita

    say my last wish!

  11. mohamad

    Wow! Very scary, but also very cool.

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