Optical Illusion Paintings

Optical Illusion Paintings

Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak creates amazing optical illusion paintings.

Different elements painted in specific locations come together to form a second picture of a bird, human face, or human body.

It is possible to see two distinct images in each painting.

Painted Optical Illusion

Oleg Shuplyak Optical Illusion

Illusion Painting


Oleg Shuplyak Illusion

Visual Illusion

Oleg Shuplyak Art


Horse Optical Illusion

Oleg Shuplyak

Oleg Shuplyak Paintings

Face Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion

Bird Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion Painting

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    WOW I love the new take on Van Gogh’s self portrait!

  2. Mon Sun C

    THese are cool! I love optical illusions that plays with the eyes. I’ve always wanted to do something like these but never got around to do them.

  3. The Thinking Insomniac

    APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! This is great work… great is an understatement..

  4. Poet

    Some of these are really hard to shake, like the naked lady/river into a lake.
    And some are hard to find, like the one with the swan.

  5. Sharyn

    I love these! Particularly the Van Gogh one, that’s an awesome idea.

  6. neelam

    dats impressive work of art. done painstakingly. bravo!!!!!

  7. lucmes

    Salvador Dali have done the same kind of paintings before, but these are great also.

  8. David

    What is the illusion in #2? I just can’t seem to figure out what, if anything, is hidden. All of the others are good, particularly the swam and flutist after it.

  9. Shandya

    I really love the tribute painting to Vincent Van Gogh. As I’m a fan of Van Gogh too. :)

  10. Kirvi_Inci

    David: The 2nd one is a skull with it’s mouth open.

  11. Christina

    The Van Gogh illusion portrait is AMAZING! BRAVO!

  12. Gert

    All of them are excellent though a couple seem overly contrived. I’d say the theme within a theme worked very well for the one of John Lennon especially.

  13. Dominic

    Cataclysmic greatness… Good find Toxel!

  14. Girish jasoria


  15. Michael

    If you cant see it then try looking at your computer from a distance. this will work.

  16. Mehul Dave

    Just amazing. This is a wonderful creation, using the imagination to the fullest.

  17. Ide

    Wow amazing.. I like optical illusion paintings particularly the Van Gogh.

  18. john

    love this

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