Slide House in Japan

Slide House in Japan

Creative house in Tokyo features cleverly integrated slide that allows people to quickly travel from one floor to another.

Designed by LEVEL architects, this amazing family house is equipped with rounded corners, hardwood floors, and modern furniture.

Living Room

Indoor Slide

Slide House

House with a Slide

House with Slide


Modern Slide




Slide Bedroom

Slide House in Tokyo

LEVEL Architects


Nakameguro House


For more inspiration, check out: Apartment with a Slide

  1. Chase Smith

    I would love to have a house like that!

  2. Madeleine

    All of my childhood dreams have just come true.

  3. Jonah

    All I can think of is what if someone had a gun pointed at you and the only way of escape was up a slide. I’d really hate not having stairs at that point.

    Looks fun though.

  4. Elliott

    Apparently they had to skimp on the “modern furniture”. There’s hardly anything in that house.

  5. Lilia Smiles

    It would be cool if they had a large picture window to the outside on the wall with the slide! Or even one (or few put together) that curves with one of the slides all the way down to one of the floors!

  6. Shaun

    my childhood has been a lie

  7. Alston H.Chun

    Amazing! Wish to have one in my childhood

  8. woops

    It would be cooler if the slide was the exit for my closet.

  9. Elphi

    I thought long and hard about the downsides to this, and I have found almost nothing. This thing is magical.
    I guess the only problem is that it might be annoying to get from the top floor to the first by sliding twice, but the convenience of being able to stop at the middle floor totally compensates for that.
    Great job!

  10. Joy

    I WANT THAT HOUSE!!!!!!!

  11. D.AiM


  12. my feeling

    I would feel cold there, no love and all in white and like a closing eye in light

  13. Poet

    This is Japan, how come they don’t have a slide going up?

  14. BKAllmighty

    To be honest, although the slide idea is pretty cool, the rest of the house is hideous. It’s empty, and all white. Honestly the only room that looks good is the study that actually has things in it!

  15. Sarah Eun

    I think it is very interesting!

  16. Villageidiot

    Empty? I think you’re missing the point there. It’s a “slide” house. Slide? Kids? Kid friendly house? No “Modern furniture” for kids to bump on or glass tables that could shatter. I really like the design. it’s minimalistic.

  17. Gert

    Modern or not modern… you need things like chairs, a couch, a TV etc or it’s not a home, it’s a building.

    Cool concept but they should have taken the time to add a color scheme and some furniture.

    Minimalism gets REAALLLY boring after an hour with no couch or TV. lol.

  18. claire

    love it but what if you had to go upstairs with a cup of tea and someone was coming downstairs at the same time?

  19. Frederick


    Does that problem not occur with normal homes…?
    The fact that this has slides decrease the chance of that happening.

    I have no couch or TV in my house. Just a pool table, books, my 32 inch monitor gamer computer, and a couple huge ask desks with office chairs. I love it.

    Some people love minimalism. I’d buy this house. Don’t say that it would get boring for everyone.

  20. kaoru

    why is it that all the other countries always beat us to the punch in the creativity department……

  21. Yay

    I love how on the diagram the people on the slide have their arms up in the air.

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