14 Cool LED Products and Designs

14 Cool LED Products and Designs

Collection of unique products and cool designs with integrated LED lights.

LED Scarf

Elegant scarf designed by Mary Huang comes with bright LED lights.

LED Scarf

LED Slippers

Now you can easily walk in the dark without turning on any lights. [buy]

LED Slippers

LED Gloves

No matter where you are, you will stand out with these gloves.

LED Gloves

LED Umbrella

Blade Runner inspired umbrella with LED shaft will guide you through the darkness. [buy]

LED Umbrella

LED Dress

Creative dress from Japan is illuminated by bright LED lights that are used in commercial lighting and bathroom LED mirrors. [more]

LED Dress

LED Headphones

Blinx LED headphones will pulse in tune with your favorite music. [more]

LED Earrings

Stylish earrings with bright lights will make you stand out at night. [more]

LED Earrings

LED Eyelashes

Illuminated eyelashes designed by Soomi Park from Korea. [more]

LED Eyelashes

LED Sunglasses

Illuminated sunglasses come with LEDs that blink or glow steadily.

LED Sunglasses

LED Suit

iPhone controlled LED suit in action at Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

LED Sneakers

Illuminated shoes by German fashion designer Moritz Waldemeyer.

LED Sneakers

LED Pillow

Heart shaped pillow with LEDs will make you feel safe at night.

LED Pillow

LED Shoelaces

Washable shoelaces that glow in the dark will get you noticed. [buy]

LED Shoelaces

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  1. James Ward

    You too can be a simulated bioluminescent citizen of Pandora!

  2. Sean

    I like the umbrella. Seems somewhat practical. But the slippers seemed kinda tacky

  3. javad

    so creative & Applied

  4. Pepsi

    Its got to be the shoes.

  5. Nicklas

    I really really want the LED sneakers!

    Is it possible to buy them anywhere?

  6. Art of Concept

    Some inventions really look tacky, but the umbrella looks smart!

  7. jaqi mugo

    SERIOUSLY COOOOL!!! AND FASHIONABLE, what with the neon craze going on right now. LOVE THIS POST!!! :D

  8. Darrell

    Those goggles are TIGHT!

  9. Cory

    Sick dubstep in the goggles video, nice products.

  10. Doink

    LED eyelashes? Really? I know toxel gets some weird stuff, but this.. well AAAArrrrgh!

  11. Raads

    unless you’re planning to get lost somewhere… these are kinda pointless, but fun maybe for a fancy dress party… XD

  12. Jessica

    So i wonder if the LED Shoes are from Step Up 3, they are really cool.

  13. bananaz

    I LOVE THE SHOELACES! i definitely gotta get those.

  14. siana

    I want the lashes

  15. Carrie

    I have those glasses. After the second use there was difficulty getting the battery to work unless I pressed down on the end where it is located. Thank God I got it free.

  16. nic

    I actually ended up buying a pair of the earrings after seeing this article – they were a big hit at Halloween. :) The earring backings are actually a tiny battery pack!

  17. Gabi

    the gloves are for raves…

  18. HSJ

    i liked the earrings and the soelaces

  19. Laura

    Love the LED lashes!

  20. Vince

    I got the led sunglasses at Cedar Point

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