Don’t Drink and Drive Ads Collection

Dont Drink and Drive Ads

Today we showcase clever anti-drinking and driving campaigns. Enjoy this collection and remember to NEVER drink and drive!

“Don’t drink and drive” Heineken Advertisement

When you drink your reaction time slows down. Don’t drink and drive.

Heineken Advertisement

Beer Crown Advertisement

To caution people against drunk-driving Vazir Breveries printed a graphic on the crown of their beer bottles. On opening the crown, the graphic of the car appears to be smashed. The reverse of the crown had the Don’t Drink and Drive message.

Beer Crown Advertisement

“Reserved for Drunk Drivers” Advertisement

“Reserved for Drunk Drivers” Advertisement

“Don’t drink and drive” Heineken Advertisement

Do not Drink and Drive Ad

Don’t Drink and Drive Advertisement in Paris

It’s a printed coffee table with legs in wheelchair. Gets the message across.

Do not Drink and Drive Ad in Paris

Don’t Drink and Drive

Do not Drink and Drive Ads Collection

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  1. Swati Paul

    Thanks for the great collection of public safety ads against drunken drivers and irresponsible driving!

  2. Dainis Graveris

    Love this collection ^_^ Nice to see some professional works there sorounding with good ideas. Thanks for publishing!

  3. website designs

    If you drink and drive you’re a flamin’ mongrel. For those non-Australians out there, that means bloody drop-kick.

  4. Eddie Pratt


    Great work! I feel it’s a really important subject. Please find an ad I created with my creative director Nic Yeeles:

    Feel free to post on your site. Keep up the good work.



  5. bob

    It’s all lies people u can drive drunk just fine, iam drunk right nooooow people so hahahaha, c its all lies people

  6. Jeremy Senko

    Here Is A New Slogan Drive Drunk And Get Locked Up…

  7. Jacob Marcos

    You are ok when you drink and drive but think of other people’s lives like a bystander or a commuter. You can run into them and kill them or pumb into them. Its good that you as a careless drinker can die for your stupidity but not them.
    Do not think that you are the only one in the world has money to drink and drive. There are people like you who may have plenty of money than you who can drink but can not drink and drive.

    Papua New Guinea.

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