Graffiti Hotel Room

Graffiti Hotel Room

Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France asked graffiti artist Tilt to decorate one of their rooms. After one week of hard work, “Panic Room” was created.

White hotel room was divided into two parts. One half was covered with unique graffiti drawings and the other half was left untouched.

Graffiti Room by Tilt

Hotel Room

Graffiti in Hotel Room

Tilt Graffiti

Graffiti Hotel Room by Tilt

Panic Room by Tilt

Tilt Panic Room

Half Graffiti Room

Graffiti Mirror

Panic Room

Au Vieux Panier

Au Vieux Panier Graffiti Hotel Room

Hotel Room by Tilt

Half Graffiti Hotel Room

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  1. Douglas

    I love well done graffiti but this is just a mess. Like, lets write nine hit songs and play them all at once at max volume. Yeah.

  2. gunneos

    Agreed. That’s more tagging than graffiti. You can’t blame me for being critical after seeing all that Banksy stuff.

  3. Amanda

    Oh man this place looks cool. I want a room like that :]

  4. kadal

    it truly is a panic room…but i really like the girl..

  5. C. M.

    graffiti that is laid out like art on a canvas isn’t graffiti. the beauty of the medium is that the available space, time, and resources are much more finite than those of a normal visual artist. by covering up the old, the different styles of graffiti evolve much faster and make for more interesting public spaces. I think they made the right choice.

  6. Mon Sun

    Wow great idea. Never thought about graffiti indoors as I’ve been trained to see it outside. THis could be an excellent income source for graffiti artists. Great job!

  7. leith_patterson

    I would want more of a room that looks like Mika’s in “Happy Ending” where the walls actually tell some sort of story than just scribbles of names

  8. Flo.

    The concept is really cool, but the graffiti in this room is just a mess…

  9. Wolfgang

    spectacularly – really crazy!

  10. Dominic

    I like!

  11. Yui

    how do you sleep in the bed or really use this room?

  12. Gert

    This hurts my eyes. It could have been so much better done than it was.

  13. amin

    i like it.

  14. Lilia Smiles

    I like the sharp contrast, but I wish there was some graphics instead of just words.

  15. josh

    Some people are so stupid. Don’t compare every graffiti artist to some stencil fool in England. Graffiti is suppose to be raw. Have you ever actually seen graffiti on something lol? Normally you don’t have the time to cover the background art. you tag that shit n go. its dirty and fast. This is hella dope, especially with that clean edge n stark white.

  16. Shandya

    So I guess you have to use the same bed cover forever?

  17. Adrian

    What a way to ruin a perfectly good room. No doubt: graffiti is art for and from chimps

  18. Adrian

    Actually I apologize for calling that lousy scribbling and uncreative doodling “art”

    Graffiti is the performance or very basic chimps.

  19. OgTheDim

    this kind of graffiti = crime

  20. Paulo

    Who questions the quality of the graffiti did not understand the concept of the room.

  21. Jose Navarrete

    This is just absolutely breath taking I wish I could stay in this hotel :)

  22. The Kenyan

    hehehehehehehehe imagine doing this to an actual Hotel room then sneaking away in the dead of night, hehehehehehehehehehe.

  23. Maria

    @Shandya: The bed cover isn’t ‘together’ with the white bedclothes, so I suppose you can just wash it and the colours won’t fade. As the bedclothes are separate, it won’t affect the white during laundry, so what’s the problem?:)

  24. Sam

    They put a couple of graffiti pictures on the white side, I would have also put a couple of plain white “pictures” on the graffiti side…

  25. James

    I only like the concept of this, I would like to switch the grafiti out with different grafiti..

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