Every Image has a Sound

Every Image has a Sound Ad Campaign

Noisy interactive posters were designed by DM9DDB to promote Saxsofunny, a sound production company from Brazil.

“Every Image has a Sound” – Advertising Agency: DM9DDB Brazil


Every Image has a Sound


Every Image has a Sound 2


Every Image has a Sound 3

Video Demonstration

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  1. Rick

    Nice. Love how the sound and word play first and then the association to the printed material. So cool.

  2. Jim

    Creative thats for sure.

  3. Paul Sample

    That’s Awesome!

  4. Jessica

    This is AWESOME.

  5. madman

    This is surly a spec ad!

  6. vgodard

    wow… amazing…

  7. gary

    Memorable + interactive.

  8. Richi

    I guess every image does have a sound then. :P

  9. Matheus

    Fantastic…. great idea.

  10. Mniya

    this is really Kool!

  11. Yung Tsai

    What a great idea, wish I had thought of this first.

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