Ice Cream Posters

Ice Cream Posters

Eye-catching posters designed by Renata El Dib look like ice cream cones.

Creative posters were commissioned by Kibon ice cream company.

Ice Cream Poster

Kibon Ice Cream Poster

Ice Cream Cone Poster

Ice Cream Cone Posters

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  1. George

    Creativity at its best!

  2. J.C

    Such a simple idea, yet so amazingly effective!!

  3. meysam

    love it

  4. Matt

    Makes me hungry! job done

  5. Dominic


  6. Max

    Nice, but a shame it’s printed on glossy paper. It distracts from the simplicity of the idea and is uncharacteristic of soft ice-cream

  7. E

    @Max: But if it is printed on the matte paper, it might not be as vibrant (eye catching) as glossy paper effect. As matte tend to dull the print.

  8. nice, but lemme guess.....

    also functions a wallmounted dustbin right? and will do a wonderful job collecting rainwater

  9. Mathias

    very nice and clever execution of this ice-cream outdoor!

  10. Bert

    this is quite smart

  11. Dax

    @ Max

    Glossy paper rules!

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