Honda Beat Raazer Cybertruck

Honda Beat Raazer Cybertruck

Raazer Cybertruck, a stunning concept car created by 76-year-old retired architect Bill Papke from Ada, Michigan.

Inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck, Bill Papke transformed old 1991 Honda Beat car into a sleek and futuristic wedge-shaped beauty.

Cool design features a wedge shape with four flat planes, giving car the appearance of being chiseled from solid aluminum.

Bill Papke chose the Honda Beat for its short wheelbase and style.

Aluminum frame supports quarter-inch aluminum body panels.

Flush-mounted, frameless windows are 3/16-inch laminated glass.

The body is secured with epoxy and wrapped in titanium-colored vinyl.

Project cost $13,000 in materials, in addition to the $12,000 Honda Beat.

Homemade version of a Tesla Cybertruck constructed in only one year.

Raazer is street-legal, but primarily driven to car shows and exhibits.

Bill Papke Cybertruck

Bill Papke Raazer

1991 Honda Beat

Honda Beat Tesla Cybertruck

Honda Beat Cybertruck

Honda Cybertruck

Raazer Cybertruck by Bill Papke

Bill Papke Honda Beat

Bill Papke Raazer Cybertruck

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