Unique Pillows and Creative Pillow Designs

Unique Pillows and Creative Pillow Designs

Creative pillows and unique pillow designs from all over the world.

Morning Message Pillow

As you rest your head on the pillow for those valuable last few moments before you wake the words Good Morning Sweetheart are gently pressed onto your cheek. Even though you may feel tired and drowsy your loved one can see how you feel.

Morning Message Pillow

Sushi Pillows

Stylish pillows that look like giant pieces of sushi. Choose the delightful Shrimp Nigiri… or go for the delicious Salmon. There’s even a giant green Edamame for you to cuddle up with.

Sushi Pillows

Pillowig Pillow

Wearable pillow that allows users to sleep comfortably whenever and wherever they like.

Pillowig Pillow

Mac OS X Icons Pillows

Collection of pillows inspired by Mac OS X icons from Throwboy.

Mac OS X Icons Pillows

Mac OS X Icons Pillows 2

Gun Pillow

Rest your weary head on this comforting gun pillow made by the good people at Gama-Go.

Gun Pillow

iSleep Laptop Pillow

Sleep comfortably on your laptop with this pillow. When you close your laptop, iSleep pillow gets filled with warm air, music is being played and after 10 minutes the alarm clock rings.

iSleep Laptop Pillow

Hamburger Pillow

Hamburger Pillow

Stone Pillows

Livingstones – creative pillows that look like rocks. [buy now]

Stone Pillows

Stone Pillows 2

Pillow for Singles

Cecilia Lundgren, a talented designer from Halmstad, has designed these creative pillow cases for lonely singles.

Pillow for Singles

Horse Head Pillow

A great conversation piece for the wannabe wise guy who has everything, and whose wife won’t let them own a revolver.

Horse Head Pillow

Pizza Pillow

Pepperoni Pizza plush pillow with cheese, lettuce, and beef. One of the slices is also removable with velcro attached.

Pizza Pillow

Pill-o Pillow

Creative pillow design from CarteBlanche, a luxury products company pioneering “cocaine-chic” couture.

Pill-o Pillow

Book Pillow

Creative pillow designed by Ranch Box looks like a regular book.

Book Pillow

MP3 Player Pillow

If you love your iPod and can’t bear to be parted from it even when asleep then this is the solution, the MP3 Pillow, a pillow shaped like an iPod. The pillow also incorporates a speaker so you can listen to tunes while you snooze.

MP3 Player Pillow

DOS Pillow

Dosugus pillow looks like a black screen with good old DOS directories embroidered on it.

DOS Pillow

Alarm Clock Pillow

glo Pillow Alarm Clock uses LED fabric substrate to wakes the user using light. This substrate also functions as a display, showing the time on the surface of the pillow.

Alarm Clock Pillow

Fresh Salmon Pillow

Fresh Salmon Pillow

Blood Puddle Pillows

The pillows are inspired by those suspenseful moments when a sleeping loved one is a little too still for a little too long. Using an irreverent combination of comfort & fear the pillows parallel sleep & death.

Blood Puddle Pillows

Transformers Pillows

Pillows featuring the Autobot and Decepticon Transformers logos.

Transformers Pillows

Bacon Pillow

This unusual pillow is a must-have for the bacon lover in your life.

Bacon Pillow

iDream Pillows

Creative iDream pillows designed by Studio Psycho from Ukraine.

iDream Pillows

For more inspiration, check out: 15 Cool and Unusual Pillows

  1. xue

    i LOVE the Pillowig Pillow. It’s kind of funny & wacky

  2. Mell

    hahah these are great! I wonder what they will think of next….

  3. Paul Sample

    The iDream and the morning message pillow are awesome!!!!!!

  4. Jessica

    I totally love the horse head. It is def. my favourite.

  5. Rachelle

    I’ve always loved the sushi pillows, but they are a bit pricey. Some of these pillows look like they can be handmade ;D

  6. Mniya

    i find ol f em very cite :)
    love the blood puddle pillow !

  7. wijet

    pillows inspired by os x icons, are great!

  8. Cindy Shepard

    Wow…love..love ..love the blood puddles!!!!

  9. Marilyn Roxie

    The Mac pillows are the cutest! :D

  10. Frinkle23

    Those stone pillows are beautiful! :)

  11. alabaster

    yeah pillows for single has won for me! awesome.. i was wondering what would be girlfriend did if she saw it :)

  12. Daniel

    Hah, the horse pillow is a must.

  13. Amanda

    The horse head pillow and the stone pillows are my favorites.

  14. sankofa

    Does anyone know where one can have their own design made in too a pillow or sheet?

  15. julianna.

    the blood puddle and stone pillows are the best.

    and i’d totally wear the pillowig.


  16. erin

    the pillowig is funny. reminds me of when i was little and i had this “baby pillow” with the pillowcase seam at the center. i’d wear it as a wig and run around. my cousin (a few months older than me) would often follow suit with a full-size pillow.

  17. lake

    that is very very cute..

  18. Herman Leon


  19. feyaia

    I like the ‘stone’ pillows! But different colors that match real rocks. That would make a great ‘romp room’ for the hyper six-year-old set. Make ’em just small enough to be washable in front loading washers, (washers without the center agitator.) Oh, one more thing, make sure nothing else in the room is breakable!!! (fish tanks, lamps, pictures on the wall etc.) A fun room for all.


  20. ReallyJapan

    Ahah, the Wearable pillow has to be mine!

  21. Lu

    Wow those pictures made me feel quite sleepy lol!
    love the pillows! they’re fun

  22. Ashley Fuchs

    The Good Morning Sweetie pillow was funny, although it would really annoy me waking up with it on my face before school or work.
    The Laptop pillow is cute since the laptop warms it up for you, although I doubt I would ever use it. I would think the weight of your head could be bad for the laptop anyhow. And the group of Stone pillows are awesome except that if I had them in my future apartment, they probably wouldn’t look like stones. Instead they would look like ugly, gray, misshapen pillows that make the room dull. The Blood Puddle pillow is really disturbing, and so is that Horse Head. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT THAT?

  23. Kris

    All the Apple inspired pillows are almost sickening. The other designs were great, though!

  24. tracy

    i like the blood puddle and sushi pillows

    Ashley>>Sadistic people like me would want the blood puddle pillow :D

  25. zac

    I love the horse head and blood puddle

  26. lc

    the pebble pillows…well…ROCK! ha ha

  27. Selina

    Very fun post! One correction: That is not lettuce on the pizza. It is most probably green peppers. Lettuce on pizza? Yuck!

  28. Maryia

    I loved all the pillows exept the laptop pilow. Sleeping on your laptop couuld overr heat it and also call damage. The bloodyy pilow could turn out to be a good prank. :) Nice Work.

  29. ryan

    I love the horse Head and Blood Puddle pillows. But I am one twisted fellow, regardless…great pics.

  30. Amber

    I Have one that looks like a radio :)

  31. patricia

    Would love to get the horsehead pillow for my Godfather/Goodguy-fan son!!

  32. SAID

    hahahaha…these pictures r so nice and also they made me feel quite sleepy:):):)
    love the pillows!

  33. siddhesh

    is this really cool
    to sleep
    most of DREAMS its fantastic

  34. MikuDesu

    I love the Sushi pillow, Blood pillow and the PillowWig! They’re all so awesome! Kawaii ne?

    Love, Miku

  35. aircon

    so dane..kawaii desu..subarashii.. :) this is really cool….i like them all..

  36. danielle

    the Wearable pillow is just silly, who in their right mind would wear them on the street???

  37. maureen Onunaku

    I am Scared of the Horse head

  38. flankie

    cute pillow. i like that.
    where can i buy it?

  39. gravy

    Is that Kurt Warner on one of the blood puddle pillows?

  40. HABS

    i am so in love with the transformers pillow they should make a pillow of the batarang from batman i would so buy i.t

  41. Amit Basu

    Cool pillows!

  42. tommy

    Great ideas. I like the stone and blood puddle pillows.

  43. Thomas

    Amazing pillows!

  44. nazra

    i love pizza pillow. and i love pizza too ^_^

  45. Ashley( not the one above)

    the rock pillows rock

  46. nasser

    all pillows are just fin

  47. Azul Almazan

    That blood puddle is awesome.. I sickly love them

  48. Dadman

    The horse’s severed head from The Godfather. OMG I laughed til i pissed myself. Really very clever!

  49. alevya's angel

    HAHAHAHA omg i loved the pillowig pillow! and the rock pillows were awesome 2
    and yeah all pillows r just cool

  50. cheezeflicker

    lol that pillow wig one of the pics on the side has him/her (?) sleeping in a washing machine…
    im so gonna get the stone pillows tho. :)

  51. sir jorge

    great overall pillows, those are indeed the best I’ve seen in a long time.

  52. picklini

    Wow, pillows…my friend will kill me if I bought one of
    those! lol! love ’em!

  53. amanda

    lol I LOVE that blood pillow my mom would wake me up and she would call 911 for no reason and id wake up laughing my head off!

  54. Me

    … The book pillow is a real book.

  55. Dream Meanings

    I love the bacon pillow. Yummy.

  56. thibel

    i like the book pillow. the blood one kinda creeps me out..

  57. another designer

    blood paddle pilloes are my fav.

  58. seaya

    it‘s so good~

  59. Shane

    Really Nice Pillow! Great concept, good piece of creativity and amazing ideas!

  60. tiffanys

    what a nice pillows!! i just need one

  61. sggd

    The iDream one is stupid. Why would you really want that? It’s one of those things you’d buy and then not want after like 3 days.

  62. Robert

    Wow, excellent post. I love the horse head and the stones.

  63. meg

    i like the pillowig it makes me laugh

  64. tiffany

    i am so in love with the transformers pillow they should make a pillow of the batarang from batman i would so buy i.t

  65. Mrs Melody

    i really need one alarm clock pillow…

  66. Harmer Designs

    AWESOME!!! love the computer ones!!

  67. leanna

    these pillows are such great ideas!

  68. riley

    i lovee the singles pillow.. that is freakinn hilarious imma have to let all my friends know bout this website i lovee going on this website when i am boredd.

  69. muralidk

    very good ideas.i like very much.

  70. pillow o'reilly

    That would be a hard pill to swallow!

  71. dhanesh mane

    jhakas post, very nice collection of pillows..

  72. dhanesh mane

    I like the gun pillow very much.

  73. meridia

    jumping on Stone Pillows is amazing….would like to try it once…

  74. Dan Cavalli

    These are interesting pillows

  75. Joannalyne

    the wig pillow is crazy! i love the sushi pillows.

  76. kendall

    omg so cool

  77. VickyC.me

    OMG these are awesome! :) the sushi ones are cute!

  78. SamTheStumbler5

    lovin the rock pillows. they look immense

  79. Peeta

    Funniest and cutest pillows I have ever seen. I want one.

  80. Katrina E

    I really liked the DOS pillow (especially after actually reading the print there lol =P) and the icon pillows gosh i’m a nerd but then again i’m not the only one if someone created these

  81. nicoleanalise

    They should make pillows that look like the icons on an iphone.

    that’d be tight.

  82. ashley

    this is amazing

  83. em :)

    theese things are hilarious. i love the book pillow. i would buy that in a snap! i love the sushi pillow 2. that is REALLY funny :)


  84. dhanesh mane

    hey , the most funny pillow collection is here in this post. ha ha. I love all of them…

  85. Jordan

    These are the coolest i want them all especialy the blud pellow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Kristi

    sooo cool. Love the book pillow! Perfect to take into work!


  87. Joye 510

    I really want the iSleep laptop pillow. It would be very useful during final examine times. I really like that it has an alarm clock for 10 minutes later.

  88. Mikki

    LOL I should get the bacon 1 4 my little bro

  89. Sarah

    I want the ipod pillow!!! that is sweet!!

  90. isabelle

    the blood and horse pillows where just annoying and not funny– i love idea of the message one its so sweet! fact that the laptop pillow heats up with the warm air is really sweet although it probably wouldnt be such a good idea to sleep on your laptop love the rocks and the apple icons are super cute!!!

  91. The Mag House

    I like the transformers.

  92. andy

    Anyone….where can i get those pillow ?

  93. shulden

    Those pillows are awesome!..and I want one ASAP! The message pillow is such a great idea, defiantly usuable for april fools jokes!

  94. SNO

    Awesome ideas.

  95. Lily

    It is fantastic, I love all of them .

  96. crust

    Hah, excellent.

  97. meridia

    nice nice post. very very funny pillow ideas…….. mind blowing

  98. harley

    nice but rlly who would sleep with a horse head pillow? or a puddle of blood pillow? why not just a regular pillow?

  99. Bonjo

    DOS pillow ftw

  100. Karina

    Love the horsehead pillow! buuut is it just me or does the bacon pillow not look anything like bacon..?

  101. Rabah Rahil

    The horse head pillow is legit!

  102. miranda

    some of these pillows are just to cool. it’s amazing what we get when someone has to much time on their hands.

  103. ChEeSe

    i like the horse one, the book one is totally cool and the best one is the stones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Maddy

    is the book one an actual pillow? it looked real..

    >>katrina: im with ya there, the bacon doesnt look like bacon..<<

  105. Joanna

    Busted out laughing at the horse pillow. That was great!

  106. sheena

    Hey, really ow some collection, all funny pillows. thanks for sharing

  107. Jami ^_^

    Bahahahahha!!! I love all of them! they are all really cool, esspecially the blood puddle. I find it EXTREMELY funny. But my all time favourite of the buch would definatley be the mp3 player pillow! hehehe love it!!! Its very modern and stylish. I would buy it any day!!!

  108. Steffy

    i love the stone pillow,the MP3 pillow and the idream pillow along with the blood puddle pillow

  109. bowie

    i ABSALUTLY (love) the sushi pillow i thnk my brother would like the gun or pizza! lol <3

  110. Jamazing101

    I love the stone pillows and the idream pillow and the glowing ones. I have the mp3 pillow in Pink…its cool cuz u can listen to the radio or u could plug in your ipod and listen to your own songs.

  111. Shreela

    The stone pillow is a great idea. The wearable one ( pillowig) is sooo funny…lmao..hehe..perfect for some ppl i knw.

  112. rie

    Suppose they are used in some certain kind of hospitals…………org

  113. prachi

    awesome……. unique design.. i just loved all of them

  114. Madison Hubbard

    I thought the hamburger pillow was cute! I also thought that the i-pod pillow was cool ,the alarm clock pillow i would have bought beacause i could sleep on it and it could wake me up !!!! I thought the pill pillow was hilarious i maybe 10 years old but’ that was funny and’ the 1 where the pillow’s words came off the pillow and on the guys face!! HAHA !! The 1 i didn’t really enjoy was the stone pillow’s i’ve seen pleanty of those in stores………………

  115. Nathalia

    How can i buy the sushi pillow please?

  116. Michelle

    i love the idream pillows its my favorite and its so sweet and looks comfortble.

  117. Meg

    I LOVE the alarm clock pillow. Thanks for compiling these.

  118. Tonya

    Make it look like you hit your head on a rock while using the blood pillow. How cool is that?

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