Unique Designs Inspired by SeeSaw

Unique Concept Designs Inspired by SeeSaw

SeeSaw is a long, narrow board suspended in the middle so that, as one end goes up, the other goes down.

This post showcases examples of creative designs inspired by SeeSaw.

SeeSaw Chair

Swingers chair by Jaebeom Jeong is in fact a set of two back-to-back chairs scrambled into one. So, two people might never face each other while sitting on same chair.

Seesaw Chair

Seesaw Chair 2

Seesaw Swingers Chair by Jaebeom Jeong

SeeSaw Bench

Creative attempt at starting conversations between strangers in public spaces. This bench requires cooperation to be functional.

SeeSaw Bench

SeeSaw Bike

This unusual bike design was first presented at gallery 3850 during Design Miami 2008.

SeeSaw Bike

SeeSaw Bike 2

SeeSaw Bike 3

SeeSaw Sofa

Creative SeeSaw tilting sofa designed by Louise Campbell.

SeeSaw Sofa

SeeSaw Cell Phone Concept

“Unique” Sony Ericsson cell phone design by Karsten Willmann.

SeeSaw Cell Phone Concept

SeeSaw Cell Phone Concept 2

SeeSaw Cell Phone Concept 3

SeeSaw Cell Phone Concept 4

SeeSaw Bookshelf

Every book tells its own story. Every book has its own weight. By playing with balance, the See-Saw bookshelf visualizes the breadth of our home libraries.

SeeSaw Bookshelf

SeeSaw Bookshelf 2

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  1. Dave

    definitely the seesaw book shelf. how innovative!

  2. Abhishek

    Great collection !!

  3. Paula

    Cool ! =D
    SeeSaw Bookshelf it’s my favorite !

  4. Beth

    LyK!1 w0w!1

    Those were teh koolest tings i have evar seen.


  5. Mniya

    i love all :)

  6. Lorne Pike

    Very cool. Can’t help but wonder if that bike would be functional if both riders faced the same direction. Like a bicycle built for two, with the see-saw effect added. That would work… wouldn’t it???

  7. duxinx

    Great collection !!

  8. danielle

    Swingers chair by Jaebeom Jeong look fun… :)

  9. Jef

    liked the sofa. the bike would be better if the middle wheel was driven instead of the outer wheels. as it is it only moves when one side is completely on the ground.

  10. Beezy


  11. park

    Very Good idea!

  12. cheezeflicker

    lol in the bike if one of them sneesed they would probably headbutt :D (thinkoutsidethebox)

  13. Meg

    This is a great demonstration of balanced and unbalanced force for my students :)

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