See-Saw Table

See-Saw Table

Creative table with sea-saw inspired seating designed by Marleen Jansen.

Unique dining table encourages cooperation. If one person unexpectedly leaves the table, the other will end up on the floor.

SeeSaw Table


See-Saw Dining Table



SeeSaw Dining Table

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  1. Diego

    jajaja you can’t sit alone at that table xD

  2. Sharyn

    Awesome! I’d really like to put a big bowl of pasta or something on one seat and jump on the other and make my own Pro Hart style painting.

  3. Niyari

    Had I someone to share meals with

  4. Taz

    I could see something cute like this turn into all out warfare in a manner of seconds.

  5. douglas

    Someone actually spent the time to build this!! Will be in the fireplace in a week.

  6. woops


  7. butt head

    “Fire, fire, he he-he-hmm yeah”-Beavis
    “Don’t make me kick your ass, hhuh, hu-hu”-butt head

  8. Chedie

    This will be hard to manage. I mean when I eat I want to enjoy my food and not worry on anything else, much less on balance of weight and abrupt warfare XD

  9. Gonzo

    It would be nice to have some kind of lock on the see-saw. THEN this would be the perfect backyard toy for anyone! I want.

  10. Sophia

    I don’t think i’d be able to concentrate on eating….. i’d be too excited

  11. Ty

    Guys would learn to stand when a lady left the table!

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