Super Mario Bathroom

Super Mario Bathroom

Ordinary bathroom was transformed into amazing Super Mario themed room.

Liatte repainted her old bathroom and decorated it with Super Mario World stickers, Game Over towels, Mushroom tissue boxes, Mario soap, and other cool Super Mario Bros. inspired products.

Mario Bathroom

Bathroom Photography

Mario Bros Bathroom

Super Mario Toilet

Mario Inspired Bathroom

Mario Block

Super Mario Bros Bathroom

Super Mario Themed Bathroom

Super Mario Inspired Bathroom

Mario Themed Bathroom

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  1. woops

    This is alright, but you’re missing the tipping point: A dual mirror/TV connected up to an old school Nintendo so you can poop and play!

  2. cole

    i really don’t understand this whole super mario bros craze – i played it as a kid and i have no desire to have a bathroom covered in it at all. also, it’s not an icon of design like the eameses or anything – why?

  3. Lilia Smiles

    @woops, Then, I wonder how long people would stay in the bathroom. :)

  4. warka

    @cole, it had become a symbol, pop culture and of courses a video game icon…

  5. flatsolid

    What about decorating the entire bathroom walls
    with TETRIS-shaped ceramic tiles in vivid colors? Somebody has to try it!

  6. koray


  7. David

    Pretty cool – and the artist is cute, too!

  8. Gert

    Ummm… ok but I’m not doing my bathroom in Sailor Moon….

  9. mongolians


  10. Rob

    ok… this is odd. a hot gamer girl? i thought those were just a myth! i’m going to find one and trap it!

  11. aljoheri


  12. jcl


    because she loves mario? just because you don’t love mario enough to make an really cool mario themed bathroom doesn’t mean that other creative individuals can’t. go be a downer somewhere else.

  13. Tab

    This is awesome. I love it!!!

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