Flip Phone with Three Displays

Flip Phone with Three Displays

Android-based smartphone concept by Kristian Ulrich Larsen features three flexible touchscreen displays and a physical keyboard.

Having three screens on a phone allows the user to expand content onto multiple displays or run different apps on separate screens.

Flip Phone

Phone Concept

Flip Phone Concept



Triple Screen Phone

Kristian Ulrich Larsen

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  1. Bob

    So we’re back to books?

  2. kru

    If bell bottom can make a comeback, why not books?

  3. Darrell

    Cool. But don’t see going into production anytime soon..

  4. miggy

    nice concept put into production it would be very expensive but id still buy one

  5. peppy

    Who wants to talk into a toblerone?

  6. Ethan

    Awesome concept! Very creative and innovative :)

  7. Kian Erika

    I think it’s a highly interesting design. No qualms about the look at all.

  8. cupcake

    well, thats one way of reading a book

  9. Betty

    Make it! Make it!

  10. Truthiness

    You can imagine just about any concept you want but making it a reality is a whole other feat altogether. Yeah, they have a lot of really interesting ideas, make it real and then I’ll be interested.

  11. jumanicus

    the novelty would be epic, id buy one instantly, and because it has more than one screen AND a separate keyboard, it would be massively easier to use than an iPhone

  12. Piecebypeace

    DO WANT!!!

  13. vikramkumar sharma

    great concept, make it, just make it ._.

  14. Bryant

    Couldn’t the navigation screen just rotate >270ยบ around its given axis to achieve the same triangular-bedside mode?

    Also, I like the subtle shout out to John Maeda in the commercial

  15. alex

    amazing… innovative… futuristic… practical… useful… intelligent… multi-taskable… beautiful <3

  16. Van

    i agree that it is a great concept, but its really just complicating something we already have a slight grasp on. i dont know, still looks fun to use.

  17. woops

    I would enjoy this for about a day

  18. Connor

    This would sell like mad if it got produced.

  19. Danyell

    The triangle shape is great for people who use their phone to watch videos, as an alarm clock, etc. And being able to scroll by flipping it is really clever. If it’s really as easy to open as a flip of the wrist, it’ll sell like mad. A phone like this would make me finally cross over into smart phones cuz it would be worth the money.

    Btw…books never went out of style for smart people. And they never will.

  20. ugh

    Books will be replaced by E-books technically the book is still going out of style only to be replaced by a cheaper lighter more eco-frendly alternative

  21. Bryant

    my local library is closing

  22. Stryker

    Wow This phone is amazing can’t believe this will come out

  23. Kai

    This is an awesome concept! :) Please make it!

  24. Pradeep

    I want to buy this phone I’m from India please tell me how I can buy

  25. shah

    Coolest smartphone I ever have seen….

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