Clever and Creative Shopping Bag Designs

Clever and Creative Shopping Bag Designs

Clever uses of shopping bags in advertising campaigns by various companies.

Clothes in Closets Shopping Bag

Knuckle shopping bag designed by Leo Burnett Lisbon ad agency.

Clothes in Closets Shopping Bag

Wheaties Shopping Bag

Clever shopping bag that will either inspire you to get in shape, or inspire you to carry a bag in front of you wherever you go.

Wheaties Shopping Bag

Karl Lagerfeld Shopping Bag

Mask shopping bag designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld Shopping Bag

Shumensko Shopping Bag

Clever shopping bag designed to promote Bulgarian beer.

Shumensko Shopping Bag

YKM Shopping Bag

YKM Shopping Bag

Headhunting Agency Shopping Bag

Headhunting Agency Shopping Bag

Greenpeace Shopping Bag

Give me your hand.

Greenpeace Shopping Bag

Panadol Shopping Bag

Panadol Shopping Bag

Gaia Animal Rights Shopping Bag

Gaia Animal Rights Shopping Bag

Stop’n Grow Shopping Bag

German product that stops nail biting.

Stopn Grow Shopping Bag

Olympic Games Shopping Bag

Paper carrier bag design by Tao Ma for Olympic Games.

Olympic Games Shopping Bag

Fitness Company Shopping Bag

Fitness Company Shopping Bag

Hurriyetoto Shopping Bag

Shopping bag idea and design for, a major automobile sales web site of Turkey.

Hurriyetoto Shopping Bag

ASPE Shopping Bag

Creative bag was given when you bought a book by Belgium’s most famous crime writer.

ASPE Shopping Bag

Magic-i Floating Shopping Bag

The handles of the shopping bag are made of transparent fishing line, wich makes it look like it is being held without handles.

Magic-i Floating Shopping Bag

Red Cross Shopping Bag

Creative Red Cross shopping bag by Lem advertising agency.

Red Cross Shopping Bag

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  1. Ben

    One word. WOW. I love the skipping rope and the fitness company one.

  2. Beezy

    i love these.

  3. Andre Dub


  4. Dave


  5. sam_khrap

    nice collection ! i have just seen some of them before but you put them all together ;) nice

  6. Daniel Nguyen

    i like the Fitness bag! haha clever

  7. Jaqi Mugo

    I like the greenpeace and the gun bag, and the magic bag is too cool! I thought the crate of sodas was real!

  8. Jessica

    I LOVE THE HEADHUNTER!!!!! It’s hilarious.

  9. Mandy

    Wow, great marketing~! These will definitely draw attention!

  10. ShelleyDelayne

    Love these! Nice to see them collected in one place.

    Don’t care for the magic floating bag, though. It looks cool, but fishing line would cut into the hands of the person carrying it, and that’s not nice. I prefer comfortable-to-use cleverness.

    The jump-rope bag is still my favorite. :)

  11. lano

    I love the Karl Lagerfeldt shoppingbag. But rumor tells me it costs € 900.

  12. Haroon


  13. Wojtek

    I’m missing IKEA’s bag with a word ‘DESIGNER’ and an arrow pointing upwards at the person carrying it!

  14. Sklep Zoologiczny


  15. neelam

    very inovativeespecially the soft drinkcrate bag.

  16. pokoje zakopane

    Nice collection! Thanks!

  17. Adaid seo

    awesome bags!

  18. Johnny

    The gun bag would be a pretty good way to get shot by the police… If they can mistake a pear or a bible as deadly weapons in the heat of the moment, then it’s quite possible – awesome design though!!!

  19. Stu

    Very nice, I like the headhunter one the most.

  20. A_Flama

    GREAT stuff!!! I need to do some shopping on those stores :D

  21. deepika

    cute stuff!!

  22. John Beck

    Nice Stuff to Watch.

  23. Jeff Paul

    Hey Great stuff indeed! keep it up

  24. rubystone

    cool collection. =) i want one!

  25. Erin

    these are super cool!

  26. Heather - Dollar Store Crafts

    How awesome… what a great collection!

  27. Laura

    Now that is the best collection of creative marketing I have seen! Thanks

  28. Karen Francis

    Very clever marketing, my favorite is the hand weight. Does any else find it odd to see one on a catwalk in a fashion show?

  29. Michael J. Cannon

    Where can I get these???

  30. Vic

    Amazing creative ideas for shopping bags!

  31. allan


  32. john

    This is a very good fashion article!!

  33. Chris


  34. sudeep

    amazing photos!!!!!!!………..i liked the MAGIC -i floating bag………….great creativity……HATS OFF

  35. Kevin

    these is really an awesome collection of bags… what a creativity !!

  36. Rachana

    so creative!!!

  37. chandan singh

    wow lov see more from your side.

  38. jovana

    wow. i likethis.

  39. miels

    creativity means something…

  40. Pinetree3

    Great bags. How come I haven’t ssen any of these on my streets?

  41. MsTeresa

    And of course – more than likely all of these stores are either in Europe or the west coast of the USA. NEVER see anything neat here on the East Coast!!

    MY fav. is the one for the book store with the gun – but as another person mentioned, you would probably get your head blown off by an over-zealous police officer, especially in this area! (NYC/NJ)

  42. buket altinok

    so nice to see turkish creative companies here…

  43. Kanchan

    awesome collection of bags… never seen this kind of creativity !!tooooooooogood

  44. Neurot1k

    the knuckle dusters are by far the best.

  45. 2DamTrill


  46. Archana

    Very Innovative.

  47. Ben


  48. andré schonwald

    good brain food, thanks for it

  49. altoLuther

    The fishing line one’s pretty stupid, if you put any decent weight in the bag, that things going to start slicing into your hand.

  50. rebelde

    You’re absolutely right altoluther.sometimes design is only good for seing and can’t serve the right purpose.

  51. angel

    wow so creative!. i want one. haha. XD

  52. admx

    Awesome!!! I want some of those XD

  53. merle

    some awesome ideas, inspiring!

  54. Dubli

    Excellent, love the invisible bag straps. I want one or 100 :}

  55. Steffy


  56. Chris

    Knuckle shopping bag designed by Leo Burnett Lisbon ad agency <–nice concept for self defence.. lol

  57. Matthew Wilkes

    KEWL !

  58. Elaine

    I love the bags especially the fitness one and the ones where it looks as though you have your hand in their mouth! Oh I think my fav is the male 6 pack lager bag!!
    Very sytlish!!!

  59. exinco

    i love all those design. so creative

  60. poshmopolitan

    the Karl Lagerfeld Shopping Bag is the best!

  61. Fabian

    Some very clever work. My favs are YKM Shopping Bag,ASPE Shopping Bag…don’t walk into a bank with that one!LOL

  62. ardhian.satrya

    I love the floating paperbag. Very clever :)

  63. Luis Arriola

    Wow! Creativity a Holy Gift

  64. Donte Braz

    that is simply spectacular, incredible as the advertising if it can conjugate with the spectator I loved, perfect.

  65. NWpower

    Super Torby Kurwo!

  66. adriana

    great designs

  67. Marian Cvik

    Funny, brilliant and inspiring! Thank you!

  68. Ratri

    Can I make some’ like those??? So sad… :p 4 thombs up!!!

  69. itsbrandnew

    OMG those would be awesome to see in stores and stuff!

  70. dooliy

    i want animal bag

  71. kelven cheah

    so creative d;D

  72. Varun

    awesome! i will like to have all of the bags!!!!!!!!!

  73. simply

    so nice…artistically made! I like all those bags.

  74. Amit Francis

    mind blwng , awesome ,,,,, waaaaoooooo

  75. Ilse

    Awesome bags.

  76. canan

    very clever bags for companies you must find and produce it and will always remember the company

  77. bob

    the gun is the best

  78. prima

    just SICK!! :))

  79. max

    lolol tht was great you folks put a big smile on my face and for tht i thank you very much ..bye..

  80. Lester B

    superb ideas!!!

  81. Nadeem

    I had never seen these type of
    carry bags. all are amazing.

  82. Jennifer

    Wow these are awesome! Very clever ideas for advertising. They would defiantly tune heads when you are walking down the street!

  83. Dom

    Hehe, great stuff, im loving the knuckle duster one and the crate of beer. Love it :)

  84. Myron

    Between the abs shopping bag and the blood donation bag, what a great collection.

  85. hassan rizk

    Very nice production

  86. Rommel Aouad

    This is what i call creativity…… sooooo nice collection…

  87. Matt Spire

    Genius designs. I’m drafting shopping bag designs at the moment, and this is very inspiring.

  88. Winda Hapsari

    very nice
    i like this …

  89. sunil

    so sweet criativity

  90. mahendra pitale

    excellent ideas

  91. albert

    so cool

  92. Arun Sengupta

    wow…. so much creativity can be done with just paper or plastic bags etc …great great ideas… impressive !!! :)

  93. collins

    i really like it. its splendid. will do the same with my project in uganda……..
    bravo…. save the environment to serve us…

  94. anjana silva

    wow nice

  95. Carly

    I had to find bags for a class i have in college. This post truly helped me complete my task in a faster matter. We had to find bags with interesting handles and designs that weren’t just the logo. Thank-you a million.

  96. sumit

    ammazingg………. wooow

  97. robow

    cool ideas

  98. Justice

    What company created these designs and printed these bags???? I want some!

  99. Linda

    where can I purchase these bags??

  100. nowaydee

    the transparent line are cute,,,

  101. wouter

    wow these are great especialy the gun and brassknuckles they own hahahaha


  102. Sunidhi

    Superb! Esp the greenpeace and panadol ones! Love ’em

  103. Kady

    Awesome! :D Stores really need to do these bags!!! :D

  104. Kady

    My Favorite is the nail bitter, very creative!

  105. chander

    awesome, my goodness!!!!!! the ostrich one was ‘mazing

  106. Jesse Asiedu Dabanka

    Does this level of creativity really exist.

  107. alale

    they are so nice

  108. imb

    Ahh I love this! Weird that you do not see these kind of bags everywhere :)

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