Folding Bicycle Without a Seat

Folding Bicycle Without a Seat

Dreamslide bike is designed to be used in a standing position where you shift your weight and sway from side to side to change direction.

Lightweight (10kg) and very compact, it can be folded up in less than five seconds for easy transportation and storage.

Dreamslide Bicycle

Dreamslide Bicycles

Bicycle Without a Seat

Dreamslide Bikes

Dreamslide Bike

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  1. liz marquez

    really cool!

  2. Art of Concept

    I love it!! Looks cool and…what a workout!

  3. afasdf

    Shifting your center of balance while turning the peddles would drive me insane.

    The idea is good and i’m glad it’s not just a bicycle with the seat removed but it’s still not a step in the right direction.

  4. Rik

    this sucks, there are folding bicycle’s that A) have a seat and B) when folded are much smaller than this bike.

  5. gnarf

    the seat makes it comfortable

    ever tried to drive a bike all the time standing?
    its a pain

  6. Deanna

    I feel like your feet would slide off…

  7. Kirvi_Inci

    Looks like a fun way to exercise.

  8. GiDEZEL

    10kg is considered lightweight??
    a fullsize mountain bike weights about 10kg, with the lightest ones around 8kg…

    and pedaling while standing will turn out to be a real pain for most persons.

  9. Shaan

    With out seat, I don’t like it. There are other hundred of folding bikes with seat and very easy maneuverability.

  10. Izzhy


  11. Mac

    I cycle. This would kill my thighs seriously but nice concept.

  12. Raymond

    pain in the ass

  13. Arabian

    I Want one :) in this traffic it `ll make a difference

  14. Victoria

    Where’s the seat for this bicycle? It would be such a work out!
    But, I like how you could fold the bike. Isn’t the bicycle really heavy though? I just wish that they could have made it lighter

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