Gun Shaped Makeup Kits

Gun Shaped Makeup Kits

Dior and Chanel makeup kits designed by famous Dutch artist Ted Noten.

Chanel001 gun conceals lip gloss, antique hairpin, gold toothpick, bottle of perfume, USB flash drive, medicine compartment, and a gold bar.

Dior001 gun comes loaded with lip gloss, antique hairpin, collection of pills, USB stick with secret information, and a silver bar.

Chanel Gun

Lip Gloss

Gun Lipgloss

Gun Lipstick

Antique Hairpin

Antique Hairpin

Medicine Compartment

Dior 001


Gun Mirror

USB Flash Drive

Dior Gun

USB Stick

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  1. flatsolid

    “Is that a pistol in your purse or are you just glad to see me?”

  2. po

    there will be ramifications ..
    nice combination though

  3. gnarfi

    the tsa will love you long time

  4. Pete

    Future Headlines

    Woman shot by police while applying lip gloss

    Teen killed when friends secretly switch out her makeup applicator


  5. alkris14

    I would like a make up kit in the shape of something that won’t get me killed… like a one of those giant sunglasses or something where you can put lipstick in.

  6. Sharyn

    I agree with all the above commenters, but I half expected to see a version of the Homer Simpson Makeup Shotgun.

  7. Amy

    Just don’t try to take these on an airplane…

    And what are the gold and silver bars supposed to be for? In case you’re kidnapped and need to pay a ransom?

  8. Larna

    Although its creative, but i wudnt buy it. it doesnt fit the feminism in women per se.

  9. hihi

    wont work at the airport. not good.

  10. frangie

    this is made to party.

  11. Mr Maseki

    How do you pass customs at the airport with that? bwahahahahahahahahaha.

  12. Arielle

    I know that this is completely impractical and the ramifications will be significant, but that doesn’t make me want it any less. I will give Dior/Chanel a blank check, tell them to write any amount of money on it and I will pay it.

  13. Brenda

    Um.. I think they are making a statement here with this makeup kit. The world’s economy is going down the tubes and the only thing that will matter is gold, silver and guns. Medication can make your lips dry while you are trying to stay alive during the riots that will be spilling out into the streets of the world like Egypt and Greece (however the riots will gain in momentum and end up being on the global scale). Thanks a lot labor unions and communists you have inspired this unique makeup kit!

  14. fricken sweet

    i kno a girl who would love this.

  15. Gert

    So how are those riots working out for you @Brenda? lol.

  16. james

    this is so awsome my girl needs one

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