Scotch Tape Portraits

Scotch Tape Portraits

Creative photo series by talented photographer Wes Naman features people with scotch taped faces.

Heads of models were wrapped in scotch tape and then photographed.

Scotch Taped Faces

Scotch Taped Face

Scotch Tape Photos

Scotch Tape Portrait

Scotch Tape Art

Scotch Taped People

Scotch Tape Photography

Scotch Tape Photo Series

Taped Faces

Tape Faces

Scotch Tape

Scotch Taped

Scotch Tape Project

Wes Naman

Scotch Tape Series by Wes Naman

Scotch Tape by Wes Naman

Photographer Wes Naman

Scotch Taped Heads

Scotch Tape Series

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  1. Alacia

    Wow. That’s wrapped incredibly tightly… They’re comedic but, at the same time, unsettling.

  2. Divinity C

    LOL these are too funny! Love them

  3. Jimmy

    I’ve seen too many of these photos… Since Jim carey done it, it’s become an ‘creative’ idea now :L

  4. Jeremy Perry

    Its going to be fun to take off though.

  5. Mish Varney

    Did he do one with rubber bands as well?

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