Gillette Razor Zamboni

Gillette Razor Zamboni Ad Campaign

Larger-than-life Gillette Fusion Power razors were attached to the backs of Zamboni (ice resurfacer) machines, making it seem as though the razors were giving the ice a smoother “shave”.

Gillette Fusion Power Zamboni

Gillette Fusion Power Razor Zamboni

Gillette Zamboni

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, Proximity Canada

Schick Quattro Ice Resurfacer

It is worth mentioning that JWT Sydney ad agency created similar campaign for Schick Quattro when they fitted a Zamboni machine at Sydney’s largest ice arena with a giant razor.

Schick Quattro Ice Resurfacer

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  1. Sophocles


  2. Beezy

    ha! very clever!

    Let’s Go Rangers! ;)

  3. Sam Lamp

    Thats funny!

  4. Coupon Trunk

    So, will every razor company eventually sponsor a Zamboni? I look forward to seeing a Norelco electric shaver Zamboni.

  5. Reilly

    These are great

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