Unusual and Creative Offices

Unusual and Creative Offices

Inventionland design factory in Pittsburgh is equipped with some of the most unique offices in the world.

George Davison and his team created this amazing 70,000 square foot wonderland to spark imagination and foster creative thinking.

Cave Office

Cave Office

Race Track Office

Race Track Office

RaceTrack Office

Treehouse Office

Treehouse Office

Tree House Office

Shoe Office

Shoe Office

Inventionland Workers

Waterfall Office

Waterfall Office

Castle Office

Castle Office

Inventalot Castle

Pirate Ship Office

Pirate Ship

Pirate Office

Ship Office

Pirate Ship Office

For more designs, check out: Backyard Office and Portable Office

  1. bomberben

    Man I wish I could work there!
    Though I probably wouldn’t get any work done and come to the office in a pirate suit.

  2. Pokes

    omg totally agree with @bomberben
    this is just too awesome to work in places
    like these lol

  3. Josh

    I’d never get any work done – I’d just want to explore the whole place all the time!

    But I would seriously LOVE to work there though. It would actually help so much with just about EVERYTHING!

  4. Mapache

    There sure is a line. I would work on a treehouse if it would still is an office. Some of us get distractd very eassy.

  5. Thinkfast

    My kid would love it here if there is a ‘bring your kid to work’ day

    ‘Awesome’ he said while I was looking at this
    -thanks toxel

  6. ran

    wow….if every office could be made like those i think no one will bored much every time they work,probably increase the productivity also….love those all

  7. mark

    agree with you ran. morale and motivation will definitely boost after maybe a month or so when everyone’s settled.

  8. Ghi

    Why are they all wearing lab coats in the pictures?

  9. B

    I think personally, working with things that need creative and artistic solutions that the workplace would be a distraction and influence too much of the work produced. Its an awesome idea but doesn’t work well for all types of jobs.

  10. Brittany Rubinstein

    Oh, what I would give to work in a tree house.

  11. James Ward

    I don’t think I would like to work in one of them as much as I would rather be one of the designers.

  12. required

    They all look like they are in a warehouse and the lighting is too harsh. I don’t see how these could help productivity.

  13. Marcus

    i wish they could have it here in my town..

  14. Lorie T

    Sometimes – u need to change the working environment – no difference if/when u work inside the mines or in d hospital… try to figure it out…

  15. Larna

    these are people who have too much of money and not knowing where to spend them. muahahaha

  16. Inventionman

    I do work here. It’s a lot of fun. These pictures are actually from when it first started. It’s so much cooler now. I play video games in a movie theatre during my lunch hour, and ride around one of our most famous products, the bike board. It helps to get around such a large area.
    To the person worried about the lighting, CFL’s all the way around. Also, these shots were lit specifically for promotional spots.
    No, I’m not being paid to say this. I just like the place.

  17. place name here

    Nice environments to work in…but are the white lab coats a pre-requisite ?

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