Shattered Art by Brock Davis

Shattered Banana Peel

Brock Davis, a talented American artist, shows us how ordinary objects that usually do not shatter would look like if they were shattered on the floor.

Shattered Coffee Cup

Shattered Coffee Cup

Shattered Tissue Box

Shattered Tissue Box

Shattered Pacifier

Shattered Pacifier

Shattered Cap

Shattered Cap

Shattered Queen of Diamonds

Shattered Queen of Diamonds

Shattered Rubber Ducky

Shattered Rubber Ducky

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  1. maryam

    very interesting and awesome :~

  2. steve

    interesting indeed

  3. jason

    its good. i will not give it any more than that.

  4. kate

    imagine if everything could actaully break like that :(

  5. karen

    woah. yeah that would really suck. but crazy art!

  6. haroon

    indeed, interesting art!

  7. Ninja_Bob


  8. mr. biz

    the shattered bananas- that would make a good band name. I go bananas for the shattered bananas

  9. Le Hoa

    The shattered cap looks unreal

  10. Beezy

    love this concept

  11. Shoes4Industry

    Melting would be better…

  12. N2(l)

    Couldn’t you just do this by freezing the items with liquid n2 and throwing them against something? >.<

  13. a1a

    it’s alright. nothing spectacular. i can see that the items were just cut and placed on the floor. it takes too much imagination to perceive the items are “shattered”. great try though.

  14. neuro

    liquid nitrogen is way more awesome.

  15. raghibsuleman

    Good ………

  16. mik420

    Agree with both a1a and neuro…

  17. Website Design USA

    very surprising effects and more brilliant concept.

  18. jay

    Fun concept. Not sure whether I would call this true fine art though. It falls into the “Oh how clever” category for me.

  19. cambot2

    i don’t see any of these guys above me doing anything half as fun. i think it’s pretty awsome. keep it up!
    ….king ney sayers

  20. sk8erchick

    cool art i love it by the way i bet a shattered picture would look cool to!

  21. Shant Kiraz

    the banana one is the best

  22. Rob

    In the Coffee Cup pic, I think the coffee (liquid) should be “shattered” too…

  23. kko

    It’s interesting, but I feel as though the banana and hat don’t really come across as shattered…

  24. casey

    so basically he just cuts up stuff and takes pictures of it. ah how modern art has destroyed true emotion and talent.

  25. jack mihoff


  26. Ben

    The tissue box and the duck looked the most convincing to me.

  27. Daniel

    I’ve seen a shattered banana before. My chemistry professor put a banana in liquid nitrogen and it froze the banana. He threw it in the air and shattered when it hit the ground

  28. PEPETO

    jack is rigth this is cra p

  29. Magnus

    It’s a good idea, and interesting. I wouldn’t say its “crap”

  30. Not Sold

    Go get yourself a razor blade and some patience and you too can make thinks look like they are “shattered”. I thought this would be cool but I’m disappointed.

  31. daveydee

    Its so obviously photoshopped (sorry)
    I really love it

  32. cheryl

    I think that if these were really shattered they would have spread out more on the floor…
    Which really would have made it too hard to photograph.

    I like the concept, it’s just not quite as realistic looking as it could be.

  33. Jethro

    almost a polar opposite of Dali and his “soft” imagery (clocks, phones, ect.)

  34. Dalai

    I find this very pleasing to look at. I can’t help but think the negative comments that are on here are just people who must say something that’s not pleasing. I highly doubt they find this ‘crap’. They just have to be negative.

    Wonderful work.

  35. Mew

    These are intriguing…I very much enjoyed them. Keep it up!

  36. Jonathan

    If Damien Hurst can stick a shark in a tank and call it art and make a load of money out of it, I see no reason why this can’t also be called art. Art does not have to be realistic, indeed, it doesn’t have to be anything! Non-art, now there’s a concept! (which has probably already been done)

  37. Dave K.

    Might look more realistic if you put stuff in liquid nitrogen first then REALLY shatter…

  38. rookie23

    Amazing! I have never seen anything like this before!

    Nice Work! :)

  39. Karen

    I think it’s a great idea and well done. What’s with all the negative remarks and AGAIN with the photoshop stuff?

  40. kess

    it is obscene, who in their right mind would cut up a rubber ducky :-(

  41. Jorinde

    Good photography. But anyone could have thought of it. (“but they didnt” i hear you say)

  42. Greg

    Very cool! If the photography itself was just a touch more compelling, seeing the pictures might be as much of a message as the shattered art itself. ;)

  43. bbb

    Isn’t that just…what would happen if they were frozen in liquid nitrogen, then dropped?

  44. eric

    i know the artist who made this. no photoshop here.his work is brilliant.

  45. Siobhan

    I love stuff like this. :)

    If pacifiers could do that in real life though, I would never be able to give my child one *ouch*.

  46. Sofia

    Awesome! Very creative.

  47. name


    It’s called liquid nitrogen. It freezes anything to a brittle shell. Cool, but not mind blowing.

  48. Danielle

    The shattered coffee cup has to be my favorite. It’s brilliantly broken.

    Thank you for sharing your work.

  49. scott dahl

    Brock, nice work. Is it for sale? I’ve got a campaign with these images all over it. —Scott (yes, that scott)

  50. alay

    pretty simple, but neat and something anyone could do.

  51. Michael

    Coooooooool stuff – I like the shatterede pacifier!

  52. elaine

    wow. the first time seeing stuff like that! really great work there.

  53. Sandra

    This is just wow. Its pretty cool cause how do they do that

  54. Hope

    that is very ocward but awesome!!

  55. Turtle

    He probably frozen them in liquid nitrogen and then dropped them. It’s not that hard to figure out.

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