8-Bit Paintings

8-Bit Paintings

Series of 8-bit watercolor paintings by talented American artist Adam Lister.

Pixelated versions of iconic classic paintings and creative 8-bit artworks.

Mona Lisa

8-Bit Mona Lisa

American Gothic

8-Bit American Gothic

Girl with a Pearl Earring

8-Bit Girl with a Pearl Earring

Grady Twins

8-Bit Grady Twins

The Scream

8-Bit Scream

Vincent van Gogh

8-Bit Vincent van Gogh

The Simpsons

8-Bit Simpsons

Back to the Future

8-Bit Back To The Future

Breaking Bad

8-Bit Breaking Bad

The Godfather

8-Bit Godfather

Forrest Gump

8-Bit Forrest Gump

Melting Clocks

8-Bit Melting Clocks

The Son of Man

8-Bit The Son of Man


8-Bit JAWS

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  1. Shilov

    Really nice work.

  2. Chris Mavrikis

    this guy is a genius! The new Picasso

  3. Chris Ronk

    I’m tempted to ply around with this idea myself. Nice work.

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