Hammock Bathtub

Hammock Bathtub

Beautiful hammock shaped bathtub designed by Splinter Works is made out of carbon fiber and other innovative materials.

Modern bathtub is suspended from the walls and does not touch the floor.

Layers of carbon fibre mixed with foam based core insulate the bathtub and keep the water warm for much longer than any traditional bathtub.

Creative bathtub is extremely comfortable. It allows you to relax in style.

Hammock Bathtub will make a great addition to any modern bathroom.

Hammock Inspired Bathtub

Vessel Bathtub by Splinter Works

Carbon Fibre Hammock Bathtub

Carbon Fiber Bathtub

Suspended Bathtub

Hammock Shaped Bathtub

Modern Bathtub

Stylish Bathtub

Suspended Bathtub

Carbon Fiber Hammock Bathtub

Carbon Fibre Bathtub

Vessel by Splinter Works

Splinter Works

Splinter Works Bathtub

Vessel by Splinter Works

Hanging Bathtub

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  1. Betty

    Hmmm…I’d be happy to try it. Maybe it’s more to look at than for bathing.

  2. erica

    What great new thinking. For those of us who have small or unusual shaped bathrooms this frees us from the notion of a bath being a big bowl for water sitting on the ground. Presumably its lighter, retains heat etc too.

    And so elegant…

  3. Jury

    1. hammock – soft and folding. Modern plastic, carbon, flexible enamel – deformed stretched under the weight of the water and the body. – suspension of inflatable mini pool – dried up, collapse, make free space. (place tray shower)
    2. There is no direct connection with the “dirty” pipes and Sewerage – Yes it can reassure many. Free discharge leave. add high legs.

  4. Pearl Lamie

    Looks like it could be difficult to get in and out of. Is it flexible? And the attachments on the wall have to be extremely strong to support the weight of water and person. MeThinks it is more for looks than practical.

  5. Jimbo

    Difficult to consider as a functional piece; but, as art, I love it.

  6. Gert

    Well, it’s not exactly a space saver and it would have to come in something besides black, but other than that, cool concept.

  7. Jules

    If it doesn’t swing, what’s the point of having it hanged?

  8. Sian

    I totally agree with Jules although even if it did swing i’d need something bigger for my body to fit in!

  9. Elisa Fox

    This hammock tub looks like a dream. I’d love this!

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