Shattering Porcelain Figurines

Shattering Porcelain Figurines

Action packed images captured using high speed photography by talented German photographer Martin Klimas.

Porcelain figurines were dropped on the ground from the height of 10 feet and the sound of the impact triggered the camera.

Shattering Porcelain Figurines by Martin Klimas

Dropped Porcelain Figurines

Shattered Porcelain Figurines

Martin Klimas

Porcelain Figurine

Dropped Figurines

Shattered Figurines

Dropped Figurine

Shattered Figurine

Shattering Figurines

Porcelain Figurines

Shattered Porcelain Figurine

Porcelain Figurines by Martin Klimas

Shattering Figurine

Dropped Porcelain Figurine

Shattering Porcelain Figurine

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  1. PersonalGenius

    That’s pretty cool. The one guy kicked the other so hard that his foot came off! :3

  2. kadal

    wow..amazing seems like they’re really fighting and doing martial arts. nice martin !!

  3. Kat

    It really does look like their fighting. Slowed down chaos, really beautiful.

  4. gunneos

    do they all land on their feet?

  5. Niyari

    Brilliant outcome

  6. MasterOche


  7. James

    Winderful! It’s much more than just broken ceramic!

  8. Gert

    Good use for dollar store art. lol.

  9. Propel


  10. shandya

    but why? :(

  11. lyn

    so cool! made the figurines look even more dynamic! almost like they came alive on impact…

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