12 Cool Kitchen and Cooking Products

12 Cool Kitchen and Cooking Products

Creative kitchen gadgets and cooking tools that will help you prepare food faster and with less effort.

Strawberry Huller

Removes leaves and stems while leaving as much fruit as possible. [buy]

Strawberry Huller

Rotato Potato Peeler

Take the drudgery out of peeling potatoes with this cool invention. [buy]

Rotato Potato Peeler

Universal Dish Rack

Dense concentration of rods is useful for holding cutlery, glassware, bowls, plates and pans.

Universal Dish Rack

Wine Bottle Holder

Self balancing wine bottle holder that you can rock with a little push.

Wine Bottle Holder

Ice Straw Tray

Great for summer parties, frozen straws add fun to any occasion. [buy]

Straw Ice Tray

Nesting Pans

Set of three pans that neatly nest in the space of one, lids and all.

Nesting Pans

Microwave Pasta Cooker

Do not wait for a pot of water to boil. Cook pasta in a microwave. [buy]

Microwave Pasta Cooker

Egg Cracker

This kitchen gadget will help you crack an egg without the mess.

Egg Cracker

Spiral Hot Dog Cutters

Not only do the cutters increase the surface area, the cut also allows the hot dog to unwind and better fit inside the bun.

Spiral Hot Dog Cutters

Silicone Oven Shield

Makes scorching hot oven shelves cool to touch for sliding out without the need for oven mitts. [buy]

Silicone Oven Shield

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Pizza cutter in the form of the famous Enterprise ship from Star Trek.

Banana Slicer

Just squeeze the handle to create five thin, uniform banana slices.

Banana Slicer

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  1. Me

    Looks really cool. I’d like the ice straws. I also like the universal dish rack.

  2. jonas

    the ice straws is a interesting concept but it seems like it would be a little too cold for someones mouth. not practical

  3. chelseafc

    Some of these just scream laziness.

  4. Shannon

    Laziness I too agree with, but for someone with extreme OCD I wish I had the banana cutter. I hate how I always get uneven slices.

  5. The Klutzy Cook

    Mmmm, I like them all, but if I had to pick one, it would be the silicone oven shield. I’m always burning myself.

  6. Rubens

    I don’t know if the Star Trek Pizza Cutter is funny or usefull. Or…..both.
    Doesn’t matter. Very nice.

  7. rachael

    Having a few neat gadgets doesn’t make one lazy :P I so do want that potato peeler and ad dish rack. It’s a pain trying to stack everything in a wire one.

  8. Benjamin Christine

    Universal dish rack does it for me! nice stuff! thanks

  9. Linda

    The universal dish rack is a total waste of space and unless items are carefully propped against each other they will all come crashing down!!

  10. Ging

    love that universal dish rack and the banana slicer!

  11. ben

    Great a load of useless gadgets that you use once and then live in the cupboard

  12. Pluto Nash

    That hot dog cutter is worthless. Just cook the hot dog. Using that thing just takes more time and effort to make a mediocre food taste equally as mediocre.

  13. Kirvi_Inci

    The pasta thing does not work very well. It cooks the pasta but they have a very rubbery feel to them.

    The banana slicer could even be used with eggs or cheese I would think!

  14. Raads

    LOL i like the name of the ‘rotato potato peeler’ not so much the product itself…..and the universal dishrack is totally the coolest. if ure gonna dry the dishes, so it in style!
    oh and plus the way the dishes have been thrown on the dish rack totally shouts RAADS!

  15. Gert

    My mom had one of the pasta cookers, took longer to use it than it did to make a pot of hot water.

    the ice straws might be handy for pop bottles though.

  16. Karin L.

    Great ideas!

  17. Shea

    I own one of the pasta cookers and love it. When you live in a place with hot, humid summers and a tiny Manhattan apartment (with an even more tiny kitchen), it’s wonderful to not have to steam up the kitchen cooking pasta, especially if your face is over the stove throwing together a sauce. If you’re mindful of the timing, water levels and your particular microwave (just took a couple batches to perfect), the pasta comes out perfectly al dente. I have some top-of-the-line professional cookware, but still wouldn’t want to give this little gadget up.

  18. Doink

    I have those ice straw trays. I tell you, those things cool your beverage in a uniform way, since it goes through all the liquid, not just the bottom.

    I have also star-shaped trays, but i dont really make much use of it.

  19. Rose

    Ice Straw – Ikea sell them for 99p, got mine YEARS ago.

    @Doink – agree, the ice straws are excellent at cooling your drink.

  20. hersheylover

    i want one of those
    they look helpful

  21. James

    The universal drying rack has it’s problems, sure it looks great, but I can see how it could easily be overcrowded, leading to improper drying. I think I’ll stick to the one that came with my apartment.

    The hot dog cutter is quite nifty, the sausage is never long enough for the bun, looks like it could help catch the ketchup and mustard, less spillage while eating.

    I normally say no to uni-taskers, but I’d make an exception for a few of the ones here.

  22. jason

    All these things suck. So bad in fact, I’m going to waste my time commenting on how bad they are because my bitterness is more creative and important than these ACTUAL PRODUCT INVENTIONS. As usual, negative comments to profitable solutions.

  23. Paramesha

    thing is who wants to do so much comfort for them this is best solution, but normally these thing will not be used in routine,

  24. Leia

    The only thing i was looking at was the food

  25. HSJ

    i have one of those banana slicers , they work , they are amazing

  26. Enrico Martinez

    Ice straws are impractical. Ice should be in the beverage.

    Rotato Peeler digs into the fruit’s/veggie’s skin, leaving more of the desired flesh; less waste than peeling with a knife.

    Egg cracker is impractical. Just practice cracking eggs for breakfast.

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