Giant Toys and Stuffed Animals

Giant Toys and Stuffed Animals

Dushi art exhibition by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman consists of giant toys and stuffed animals that will surely bring a smile to your face.

Giant Toys and Stuffed Animals 2

Giant Toys and Stuffed Animals 3

Giant Toys and Stuffed Animals 4

Giant Toys and Stuffed Animals 5

Giant Toys and Stuffed Animals 6

Giant Toys and Stuffed Animals 7

Giant Toys and Stuffed Animals 8

Giant Toys and Stuffed Animals 9

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  1. karen


  2. kj

    cute but slightly disturbing ^^

  3. Sarah

    I want one too! :D

  4. loverfaceex482

    omg. lmao.

  5. richiee

    Gotta have one of these as well! They are very awesome!!

  6. Rule

    they would be nice as a guest bed

  7. FoeCo.

    Those are huge…but yeah i kinda want one..agree with Rule could be dope as a guest

  8. Maxwell

    HUGE STAIR MONKEY! This is what I used to dream about when I was a child.

  9. yomyom

    cute and big,but this will require space and might scared children away,goo concept.

  10. paintbot

    dude, scaring children away is a good thing.

  11. itsbrandnew

    WOW!!!! I want a giant animal! if only they didn’t take up soooo much room!!

  12. A.s.A

    Thank you Toxel !

  13. nanimo

    they’re so tired

  14. Teehee!

    Oh noes! They be taking over the world! D:

  15. Jaqi Mugo

    They’re cute replacement for furniture! Like sleeping with friends!

  16. Beezy

    ha! i <3 these

  17. KASRA

    holy shiiiitt….monsterrrr….!!!!

  18. catt

    I want them ALL! :D I’ll buy a bigger apartment haha

  19. Paul

    Big teddy or small house????

  20. M2JL :: STUDIO

    I LOVE this! I agree with Jaqi Mugo. I would totally use that as furniture, specially in a house with kids or a school. Great idea!
    – Marie

  21. Annie

    But to have them a shower is a hard work.:P

  22. Thinking

    I want one,it will be so fine.

  23. carla paige

    where can i get one? pllllleeeeaassee

  24. frith and inle

    Somewhere in that house is a very large child O_O

  25. alay

    I so want one so bad, i could use that monkey as a bed! they have a giant ugly doll but its soo expensive.

  26. Lilian

    Hippos for life

  27. Hans

    I want a giant shark

  28. Erika

    aaaaghh!! this is amazing how muh are they! i want one

  29. jaki

    I WANT ONE!!!

  30. Nub

    Sooooooo how do I get one of this please tell me

  31. Josh

    Omg where can I buy any of these?

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