Moushi Sushi Computer Mouse

Moushi Sushi Computer Mouse

Japanese food inspired computer mouse features different covers shaped to look like various types of sushi rolls.

Moushi Sushi Mouse concept designed by Junsik Oh and Cheolhee Lee.

To enhance the sushi experience, the mouse is cleverly packaged in a plastic tray, reminiscent of a real sushi set.

Attention to detail adds authenticity to the theme and makes unboxing the Moushi Sushi Computer Mouse a delightful experience.

Covers include: Tuna, Salmon, Flatfish, Shrimp, Gunkan, and Egg Roll.

Whimsical mouse brings the delectable world of sushi to your fingertips.

Sushi Computer Mouse

Sushi Inspired Mouse

Sushi Inspired Computer Mouse

Moushi Sushi Mouse

Sushi Shaped Computer Mouse

Sushi Mouse

Sushi Shaped Mouse

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