Audi 100th Anniversary Sculpture

Audi 100th Anniversary Sculpture

Beautiful 35m tall steel sculpture, showing two cars racing into the sky, was commissioned by Audi for their 100th anniversary.

Creative sculpture was designed by award-winning artist Gerry Judah.

Audi Centenary Sculpture by Gerry Judah

Audi Centenary Sculpture

Audi Sculpture

Beautiful Audi Sculpture

Audi Car Sculpture

Audi Cars Sculpture

Audi Sculpture by Gerry Judah

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  1. Morteza

    Nice one though i think they’ve put it in wrong place, it almost ruined that building view

  2. Karin L. Stewart

    In these times of weak economy and the need to invest in green energy, you would have thought they could have found some better use for their money. Now I know why I never liked our Audi!

  3. Tangle

    I quite like the sculpture. I think in these times of weak economy investing in arts and culture is a great thing.
    I like the fact they didn’t just waste the money by giving their directors a bonus or something other pointless.

  4. bob

    im pretty sure the directors still got their bonuses

  5. Derek

    Give the money to get some clean water to the places that actually need it.

    This hardly qualifies as supporting the arts since it’s basically just a big advertisement that toots the company’s own horn.

  6. Teehee!

    Meh. Doesn’t look like anything special.

  7. naveed

    this is so nice..i mean if they are earning that much then its okay to spend some on these things too..

    nice concept :)

  8. Vince

    It looks almost like the Buick Grand National turbo car symbol.

  9. Siddharth Menon

    Yeah … it looks amazing but feel its in the wrong place.

  10. unknown

    very nice. They should have used the Audi logo instead of that b

  11. xavier

    so thats where i parked my car last night

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