Gun Shaped Door Handle

Gun Shaped Door Handle

Creative door handle designed by Russian product designer Nikita Kovalev looks and functions like a real gun.

Bang Bang handle was inspired by the look of the Makarov pistol.

You have to “pull the trigger” to open the door.

Pistol Door Handle

Bang Bang Handle

Gun Door Handle

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  1. Nisa Zul

    seem like its hard to use the key if we been lock out/in

  2. Ed

    Love the way this looks. I’m not sure how well it would blend in with most houses, but I wouldn’t mind it for maybe a few rooms.

  3. reason

    Perfect for little Katie’s bedroom.

  4. Jani Khan

    Two things

    1. I agree with Nisa Zul that its hard to use the key.

    2. I don’t think people will hold the full gun in hand to open the door, they will just hold the top part of it and pull / push the door.

  5. MasterOche

    Must have a safety lock!!!LOL!!

  6. Dominic

    I want the gold one :D

  7. jimbo

    It needs to go BANG or BOOM when you open the door, with a little puff of smoke.

  8. Gert

    This would defiantly be a nitch market item but it’s clever in it’s way.

  9. Brony

    For the people who think it would be hard to use the key, why not just make it so when you cock the hammer back, that locks or unlocks the door?

  10. Mark

    I want a Bazooka or Tommy Gun like this!

  11. Geno

    “Creative door handle designed by Russian product designer Nikita Kovalev looks and functions like a real gun”. I hope that it does not function like a real gun or anyone standing on the other side of the door is in trouble :-)

  12. Dustin

    Do you have to turn it sideways to open the door? That would be cool.

  13. Me

    It would be made by a Russian. xD

  14. You

    “Looks and functions like a real gun”?????

  15. Joe MacCarthy

    I had the same idea but you beat me to the punch. I would have used a different gun design though and changed the angle on the handle so it would be comfortable to use. This perpendicular angle would be hella tough on the wrist.


  16. Bk

    Not good you treat any gun as if its loaded, and you never press the trigger unless for safety and you know whats beyond the target.

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