Rising Furniture

Rising Furniture

Innovative furniture made by talented Dutch designer Robert van Embricqs.

Rising table, stool, and chair were inspired by the idea of creating a flat surface that was capable of transforming into a piece of furniture.

When not in use, this amazing collapsible furniture can be easily stored behind a door or under a bed.

Rising Table

Rising Table

Flat Table

Collapsible Table

Robert van Embricqs Rising Table

Rising Seat

Rising Stool

Robert van Embricqs Furniture

Rising Chair

Collapsible Furniture

Collapsible Chair

Robert van Embricqs

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  1. gunneos

    I have never found such chairs comfortable, but they look pretty. Throw in a few cushions, maybe?

  2. MMM

    I would love to have the table! So cool!

  3. Betty

    These are beautiful and so innovative. I’d just be so afraid I’d get my finger pinched in one of those scissor like cross bits.

  4. ebru รถztaylan

    Very practical if you’re moving a lot. Very nice design..

  5. Nisa Zul

    nice… good idea.

  6. Lilia Smiles

    I agree with Betty….I don’t really feel for the chairs because it might be easier to get pinched. But I do like the table; it seems to be the most elegant.

  7. Evan

    The table seems like an excellent proposition for a restaurant, a means to create greater turnover. Simply put a timer onboard and people will finish their meals rapidly, and be on their way, once the table begins to flatten out and the meal decend to floor-level. Of course, one must accept that idle after-dinner chit-chat could be sacrificed for such haute’ modern environs. Happily, abbreviated jibber-jabber equates to a lesser likelihood that some toff’ will speak those dreaded words … “oh, my furnishings at home are much flatter actually…”

  8. The Thinking Insomniac


  9. Maseki

    can you imaging if the lock in place mechanism failed and you were seating on that chair then one of you cahones got caught in the spaces ooooouuuuuuucccccccchhhhhhhhh. hehehehe I love the designs though very neat and dont consume lots of space when storing them.

  10. Dominic

    Creativity – 7/10
    Engineering prowess – 8.5/10

    COMFORT – 1/10

  11. Mon Sun

    Ooh nice design! This would be perfect for small apartments.

  12. JoeBentley

    Style over substance. You lose all the use of the center part of the table when a simple table with folding legs is cheaper, less moving parts, and actually usable.

  13. duncanux

    Very cool designs. Beautiful.

  14. anr493

    Very cool. Engineered very well. Doesn’t look extremely comfortable but that can always be fixed.

  15. jon

    Looks cool but are they comfortable?

  16. Richard

    Fantastic! I could see this as easy to hall, classy camping furniture. Maybe add a glow-ball light to the center of the table with a soft slope.

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