Bottle Cap Jewelry

Bottle Cap Jewelry

Unique jewelry creations made out of recycled bottle caps by Yoav Kotik.

Bottle Cap Art

Bottle Cap Bracelet

Bottle Cap Ring

Bottle Caps Necklace

Bottle Cap Necklace

Bottle Cap Jewellery

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  1. steven

    oooh pretty

  2. EugiKo

    very nice!



  4. javad


  5. inan

    little bit of creativity costs much much more than those stupid stones..that`s what we need, well done!

  6. Chad

    One man’s junk . . .

  7. spavaroti

    very creative and looks nice, but can’t imagine people walking around with Bottle Caps around their necks, kind a weird.
    i’m tring to imagine the sound its makings while walking around….

    but i like it. ;-)

  8. MMM

    Wonderful and unique! I would love to wear something like this.

  9. Art of Concept

    To me, bottle “crap” jewelry. I think I’ve seen someone create these before, not sure if it was at kinder-garden, maybe my teacher!

  10. Zerian

    I’d wear it.

  11. tracey

    SO cooooooooooool! Reusing and art, a beautiful combo! So glad I stumbled across this post!

  12. jaqi mugo

    We make jewellery with bottlecaps in Kenya too, nice!

  13. Raads

    jaqi mugo, we share something in common! and we had to do this thing in school, only mine wasnt so nice…

  14. Victoria

    I love these bottled cap jewelry! This is such a brilliant way of reusing materials

  15. Rosetta

    A cool way to recycle with a good sense of fashion

  16. Inco

    HEY i make grafity with bottled cap, how did you make them flat? Argentina

  17. MDC2

    Who got to drink the beverages? Hope they were of age.

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