10 Unusual and Creative T-Shirts

10 Unusual and Creative T-Shirts

Creative and unusual t-shirt designs that will spice up anyone’s wardrobe.

Philips LED T-Shirts

Lumalive integrates a flexible array of multicolor LEDs into a piece of cloth, which allows the cloth to display graphics, text, and animation.

Philips LED T-Shirts

Intern T-Shirt

These creative t-shirts were given out to new interns at the JWT New York advertising agency. They look great with Humor jeans.

Intern T-Shirt

Animated Pong T-Shirt

Simply pop two AAA batteries into the concealed pack, push a button and voila! Cool animated glowing retro gaming on your chest.

Animated Pong T-Shirt

Hangover Baby T-Shirt

Baby Carlos from the movie Hangover is now on a t-shirt.

Hangover Baby T-Shirt

Resident Evil Zombie T-Shirt

Awesome t-shirt from Capcom that can turn you into a zombie. It will scare anyone wearing regular clothing.

Resident Evil Zombie T-Shirt

Bikini T-Shirt

Unique t-shirt design for the summer from Japan.

Bikini T-Shirt

Six Pack Abs T-Shirt

Six Pack Abs T-Shirt

Geek Hand Sign T-Shirt

We all have seen the gangster hand signs thrown to show gang allegiance, but have you seen the geek equivalent? This is one for the web developers and coders out there – the < head > tag.

Geek Hand Sign T-Shirt

Chalkboard T-Shirt

Express Yourself! Write, draw, erase, and repeat…

Chalkboard T-Shirt

Venetian Blind T-Shirt

The string is not a print, but a real string, which you can pull to open the blinds. [more]

Venetian Blind T-Shirt

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  1. Paul Sample

    Baby Carlos rules!!

  2. Steve

    Gosh the designs is cool and unusual..I like it haha

  3. kelven cheah

    I love Bikini T-Shirt

  4. Terroir Stickermeister

    Tshirt, jeans, sneakers… all morphing into clothes signifiers never before seen in history. Were there ironic togas? Awesome.

  5. Roxanne Raine

    Yeah, I want to see a guy in the bikini one though. that would be funny. Maybe a big old man.

  6. Waqas Lone

    lol I like the Bikini T-shirt n the kid is so cute…but bikini t-shirt is awesome ;)

  7. Chet

    I can think of a few people I’d pull up the blinds on… ;)

  8. French Blast

    Very creative t-shirts!
    I like the fedex one and of course the zombie one!

  9. Kale

    That picture of jack black was actually featured in a ‘Play Girl’ he is such a sexy biz-nitch

  10. Trenchancy

    The tags/geek one is hilarious. It must be made out of roflberry pwncakes.

  11. karthi

    it would be nice if the bikini t-shirt is replaced by the real one….

  12. Arokia raj

    venetian blind T-shirt is really cool and funny. liked very much

  13. may


  14. mappesangka

    I want to see more… I love it!

  15. mahmud

    really very creative. i am impressed i love this design

  16. ritesh verma

    the way use digital print it’s amazing.I like all the print.

  17. van

    i gotta have a baby carlos shirt!

  18. Larna

    bikini shirt will be soo major turn on for fat/flat chested girl..!
    and the zombie shirt is just a pain to show to people…lol

  19. paul

    vote for bikini t-shirt

  20. ayanda

    bikini t shirts are a must have they are so dope!!!!

  21. Tina

    Cool shirts

  22. Jonas

    I want the tie T-shirt!:D that one’s awesome!

  23. ling

    cool shirts!!!! hope it’s available in the philippines

  24. Nand vishal

    i like six pack abs t shirt……………….

  25. Dennis Purcell

    The six pack design is great!

  26. Prabhakar

    Six Pack design is really great.

  27. luis

    the animated ping one is awsome

  28. Reiner

    Bikini Shirt!!!!!

  29. kathryn

    i loved the table tennis t shirt LOL

  30. Kevin

    LOL ! Love these designs ! Awesome :3

  31. Marino Van de Weghe

    Where can I order one of those great SIX PACK ABS T-SHIRT and have it sent to Belgium?
    Thanks !

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