Ribbon Staircase by HSH architects

Ribbon Staircase by HSH architects

Beautiful and unique staircase design constructed from 10 mm thick metal sheet by HŠH architects.

The concept of a delicate rippling ribbon was chosen in view of the exposed position of the staircase in the main living area of the house.

Ribbon Staircase

Ribbon Staircase Design

Ribbon Staircase Design by HSH architects

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  1. sean

    once, i imagined something like this… hahaha dreams come true!!

  2. tdatx

    Not to be used as a means of egress.

  3. Mika

    Just looking at this makes me feel vertigo and feel like I’m going to fall haha

  4. Mike Hawke

    Dizzam! I wish i could build this for my new house. Very sweet.

  5. kate

    i need these in my house…. when i get one

  6. Le Hoa

    it’s great, really beautiful

  7. sherine rassoul

    why do i feel that it is not sturdy at all?

    looks really slick though.

  8. Nuno Lagoa

    Another great looking design with crappy function.
    Better have everything at hand upstairs so you don’t have to come down at night and fall on your face.

  9. AntDog

    Ja, i can see those stairs kicking my ass when i’m drunk.

    Looks really sweet tho.

  10. Don

    Its Awesome!

    But I think if your .. overweight, I think your a little scared that it`ll does not hold it,

  11. Phil

    About as practical, and dangerous, as a ladder.

  12. Ethan

    What about skipping stairs? I almost always skip stairs when I walk up them. I couldn’t imagine trying to step on a left footed stair with my right.

  13. Looks Dangerous

    what if ur foot gets caught?

  14. Honour Chick

    seems kinda loose. wouldn’t climb those unless i was suicidal. ;)

  15. TeeGee

    Don’t like the look and it looks like my toes would get caught on the crossbeams as I moved up. Not safe. I just don’t like it.

  16. Hsoj Spillihp

    very nice design… but expect some injuries.

  17. danvertising

    Very cool design indeed. Very neat!!

  18. paintbot

    bad enough stubbng your toe on normal stairs – these ones would chop your toe off! weirdly, though, i still want them.

  19. kelven cheah

    cool, but dangerous

  20. Phil

    Inovative but too dangerous

  21. delere

    looks cool…at first glance, but it appears the only somewhat safe place (where the treads are of equal depth on each step -which by the way I think may be a building code issue) to walk is right up the center.

    perhaps a modification of the design…hmmmm

  22. Jen

    So true, tdatx!

  23. hz

    i second tdatx. back of heel SCRRRAAAAAPE. front of shin DINT.

  24. hz

    also, on no account venture onto this with wet feet

  25. enyee

    I can see walking in step rhythm” L R L R …”. If being confused,oooh,whole body in vain

  26. Karin Stewart

    Do you really think these cool looking stairs would pass it with the safety code guys? LOL!

  27. mishele

    I fall down my regular stairs that have railings – I can imagine what damage I could do on these!

  28. Rahul


  29. cg

    It looks great (gorgeous, actually)- but stairs also need to be functional. I can’t imagine children or elderly people (and possibly some nimble adults) ever being able to maneuver these stairs without falling and seriously injuring themselves. Expect a lawsuit!

  30. Trenchancy

    Very elegant design and simplistic colours. :]
    I’d buy it.

  31. Oliver

    Looks great. The design makes the space it’s in look much more open.

  32. nose hair clipper

    injuries ahoy!

  33. Elena

    It rocks!

  34. momoneys

    Very donald judd

  35. Star Raven

    I envision piles of tangled passed out drunk people…on a drooping staircase…

  36. Oscar P

    Jeez, I hope no toddlers live in that house.


    Wow….. Creative Design… Excellent..

  38. Laurel

    What a trip, literally.

  39. Zack

    Of course this isn’t meant for households with elderly or particularly young residents. If you frequent the fire water, you should also know better than to buy this for your house.

    My concern would be the flex. If that isn’t bolted at the bottom (it may have bolts welded underneath) then even the slightest flex would cause it to dig into the floor. It may just be the pictures but the edges look unpleasant, too. Practicality aside, it is marvelous and I’d love to have it in my house.

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