Seven Deadly Wine Glasses

Seven Deadly Wine Glasses

Kacper Hamilton has designed a series of seven wine glasses inspired by the seven deadly sins.















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  1. cozzie

    how are you supposed to drink with the Envy-wine glass?
    i do love the wrath-wine glass though. =)

  2. Pacwan

    Cool how can you even drink the pride?

  3. sloppy

    @cozzle & @Pacwan:

    There is another invention called straw

  4. Mika


    haha good point. However, you can’t enjoy (good) wine with a straw in my opinion!

    Besides, I see these more as art pieces than functional glasses.

  5. yums

    even better.. forget the glasses.. straight from the bottle! :D

  6. karlitta

    Interesting art :))

  7. Kitsune CC


    Can´t imagine drinking in one of those but I sure would like to have them =0


    ♥ the wrath and pride.. i love both. :]

  9. Karin L. Stewart

    Cute but as an Interior Designer, I’d say there is someone with too much time on their hands ! LOL!

  10. Guy Mondo

    Excellent designs! Well thought out and executed.

    @Cozzie: it looks like the glass is full of holes which would make the user envious of those with proper glasses full of wine.

    @Pacwan: Like any wine glass, it’s never filled to the top. With the Pride glass it’s all about boasting that your glass is bigger than everyone else’s. It has a separate little stand (the glass has no base) so you have to hold on to it if you’re at a gathering thereby showing off even more.

  11. Vlad

    could some one explain to me the lust and sloth glasses?

  12. Ben

    @Vlad: sloth is a lazy man’s glass, since like in the picture he can drink while sleeping. Lust is not as clear but I think it’s supposed to resemble sucking on a giant breast.

    I just emailed the manufacturer and apparently the set of six (without the hand crafted case) goes for 2699 GBP!

  13. Ben

    oops, replace ‘six’ in my previous comment with ‘seven’

  14. dan

    How can you buy one of these awesome glasses?

  15. Alex

    @Vlad: I don’t get Lust, but Sloth is just lazy because there’s a hole in the bottom of the glass so she feeds the lazy man while he drinks up. Or something along those lines.

  16. Damiana

    @Guy Mondo:
    In my opinion, that’s not the meaning of the glasses. An envious person is like a glass with wine, full of holes – he can’t enjoy what he’s got, he only watch the another’s. About the pride – the person has really big ego, no matter what his actually potential (or character) has to offer. Just like an enormous glass with little wine on the bottom. ;) But that’s just my interpretation. :)

  17. Jess

    Lust: think hampster water bottle. There’s a ball at the bottom, so you have to lick it to get the wine out.

    Sloth: there’s just a hole at the bottom, so it pours out and you don’t have to do anything. There’s also a small spigot or valve at the bottom to keep it from leaking out.

    I think they’re perfect.

  18. so

    @damiana- cheers to that, it all sounds right :)

    these are beautiful

  19. John Stossel

    Fascinating indeed

  20. Leor

    My take on the greed one, is it has all those outside tubes, for excess wine, that you cant even drink

    so its as if you want the excess for no other reason, but to have it.
    sounds greedy to me

  21. Nate

    Good luck washing the greed one

  22. Calig

    Why doesn’t the Lust glass have wine in it? Is it functional?

  23. Andrew

    I actually see the envy glass as though, you want the wine, however if you try to drink it, it will only go through the holes which is keeping you from what you want.

  24. Jeremy

    The glasses are awesome, but so is the model. If she came with the glasses I’d buy a set for sure! ;-) How many of the deadly sins does that sentence cover? LOL

  25. drone

    Envy robs you of life’s joy.

  26. maccer

    I want that gluttony one

  27. anonymoose

    “Envy robs you of life’s joy.”

    Exactly dumbasses, that’s the point of the holes :/

  28. Emily

    Sloth has a tap at the bottom so it can only trickle out but i really dont get lust; i think it must involve some sort of erotic actcion to get the wine out?

  29. Dan

    I think the meaning of the lust one is this:

    The glass has no base, so it has to be held by the other person. It is empty because it has no “true feelings/love”; just a lust for someone. It has no opening because it taunts the person with the barrier. The potential to drink is there, but you can’t get to it.

  30. Doug

    Those are spectacular. I’d have taken a different approach with lust. Maybe something with spike all over it. Wrath is amazing.

  31. Keith

    The Wrath glass looks like it’s designed to be able to flick the glass and spray the wine accurately a fair distance onto someone you’re pissed at.

  32. Dan

    The wrath glass is made to look like a broken bottle or glass, ready to stab someone in anger. The edges even look sharp.

    Couldn’t possibly be improved.

  33. AC

    Gluttony uses a glass? News to me.

    I can hardly wait for the seven cardinal virtues.
    Temperance will be very interesting.

    Or . . . How about a pessimist’s glass that looks half empty even when its full. or an optimist’s glass that . . . well, you know.

  34. Jordan

    evny has holes because he cant drink from his glass but every one else can

  35. paintbot

    damn, i want to get these!
    also, the guy modeling wrath looks HOT

  36. Charmerstille

    Give the guy with the envy glass a bloody straw for gods sake… nice ornaments I s’pose….

  37. Niall

    REALLY like the “wrath” glass.. but is there a danger of putting your own eye out, especially after a quaff too many? :)

    They’re not very practical, but I’d imagine they’d be a great talking-point at a party..

  38. Ders

    Haha… I love the Envy one coz you can’t drink it so you’re envious of everyone else!!

  39. Cri

    Lust basically has a ball at the bottom you have to lick the ball or push it with your tongue to drink.

  40. harke

    awesome! the outfits are also top notch, love the mask and greed, and the lust and gluttony :D

  41. josh

    @Cozzie: You can’t… that’s why you would be envious of those with hole-less glasses.

  42. Rome

    So are these going to go into production at any point? I’d love to invest in a greed glass.

  43. eroth

    these are awesome! all of em are great!

  44. Putin

    They seem to encompass both the sins and the punishments:

    Pride: You have a bigger glass, and flaunt it, but can’t actually drink the wine you have and have to carry it everywhere (like a big ego).

    Wrath: Well, it is basically a glass knife. That you drink from. Thus stabbing your own face. Pretty self-explanatory.

    Greed: You have tubes that hold extra wine that you don’t need, and because of the shape, you can’t even enjoy half of it.

    Lust: It is designed in such a way that it both functions as a nipple and must be held by another person; But it is also difficult to drink from because you hobble yourself, as drinking from an effing hamster-ball can’t be easy.

    Sloth: This one’s already been pretty much explained. You can drink without any effort whatsoever, at the expense of others.

    Envy: You have a uniquely shaped glass, which looks neat, and you want the wine that everyone else is having, but trying to have both causes you to lose the wine; As the old proverb goes, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    Gluttony: The shape of it is such that, while it holds extra wine and causes it, like a beer bong, to slide into your mouth quickly (plus it resembles a belly), but would likely, from the look of it, cause some majour spillage and mess, too.

    Unless you are wearing wax clothes on a linoleum floor and waterproofed furniture, these are nice art but I wouldn’t use them for a party, even for the novelty. They look like they would all cause some spillage.

  45. Florian Schommertz

    The most dangerous are those that LOOK small.

  46. julie

    so cool! i loved the collection.

  47. dinnah

    I think all of these are pretty amazing, I want that lust one.

  48. Eddie

    At the bottom of the ‘Lust’ glass is a glass ball. You will have to lick or touch the glass ball with your tongue for the wine to pass through.


    Excellent glasswork! Brava/o! I’m with the rest who love the collection. Well done! Medium rare!

  50. xero

    forget drinking how do you clean some of those?

  51. j

    as for wrath, the point is that you have to drink from where it gets sharp; otherwise you stab yourself in the face. you have to be careful not to cut yourself. much like actual wrath, if you’re unreasonable with it then you end up getting yourself hurt.

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