Wine Rack

Wine Rack

Comfortable sports bra comes equipped with hidden container that can hold 750 ml of your favorite alcoholic beverage.

WineRack features long drinking tube and easy to use on / off valve that controls the flow. This invention allows you to bring wine to movies, ball games, and concerts. There is also a BeerBelly version for the fellas.


The Wine Rack

The WineRack

Wine Rack Bra

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  1. zak

    I’d suck on that rack all day, even in church.

  2. El Blaino

    This is the worst idea I have ever seen on this website.

  3. chelsea_fc

    Surely people would notice that your ‘rack’ got smaller as the day went on. Stupid idea, IMHO.

  4. cole

    omg fail.

  5. Person

    yea u cud just stuff a camelbak down ur chest

  6. O . o

    nice…. rack?

  7. FrankM

    Stupid idea..
    Toxel unworthy


    yes i just hate it

  9. Amy

    Okay what?0

  10. Libeerian

    What boob came up with this idea?

  11. kahlie

    All i can think about is the water bra and how they stopped making them because they could leak. That would be so scary if the wine starting to leak. Everyone would think you were lactating blood.

  12. Pearl Lambie

    Just what i want, warm wine to drink! Have to be a serious alchy to think this is a good idea.

  13. Serious Alchy


  14. pTc

    See working in a hospital, to me it just looks like a chest drain, that poor woman must have had a horrific accident to have 750ml of liquid in her chest cavity. :P


    All I can say is LOL

  16. reaper

    Ok!! maybe some of you cant take a joke, toxel doesn’t have to be all serious! LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE!!

  17. Atavar

    I’m not a fan of a drink once its got to room temperature, so a body-warm beverage would be pretty unbearable.

  18. woops

    So the more I drink, the less beautiful she gets?

  19. Zack


  20. Waleed

    Feels like drinking breast milk, yuck!

  21. Zol

    It should be milk I think not wine

  22. VinceVega


    No. The effect of the booze goggles and her diminishing rack wash out. It’s a win-win.

  23. Vic

    I guess alcohol can make someone look more attractive ;-)

  24. Jason

    This is hilarious – lighten up, people!

  25. weggs

    Perhaps none of you have music festivals with camping that go over a few days, and they search you thoroughly for alcohol on your way in. We have plenty in Australia This would be perfect for smuggling booze! You can always decant it into something else and cool it once you’re in…

  26. dan

    If u combine it with a milk sucking device (whatever its called), u can enjoy white russian, girls!

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