Unique and Creative Wine Glasses

Unique and Creative Wine Glasses

Beautiful and clever wine glasses represent personalities of different people.

Calici Caratteriali glasses were designed by Italian studio Gumdesign.

Passionale – Passionate

Passionale Wine Glass

Ambiguo – Ambiguous

Ambiguo Wine Glass

Rilassato – Relaxed

Rilassato Wine Glass

Altruista – Altruistic

Altruista Wine Glass

Introverso – Introvert

Introverso Wine Glass

L’estroverso – Extrovert

Lestroverso Wine Glass

Emozionali – Emotional

Emozionali Wine Glass

Conservatore – Conservative

Conservatore Wine Glass

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  1. Diego

    great design… but.. could I drink soda or juice with them? because I don’t drink alcohol…

  2. Mark

    Diego you should design the Self Righteous glass

  3. Mon Sun C

    I love the simplicity in the design and yet effective in showing the personality/emotions. Love it!

  4. douglas


    No you can’t. It would be against the law to use a wine glass for anything other than wine. Der…

  5. Chedie

    I like the L’estroverso – Extrovert glass. :)

  6. Art of Concept

    I like the Passionale – Passionate glasses! Pretty nice concept!

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