Beautiful Amazon Tree Houses

Beautiful Amazon Tree Houses

Talented people at Amazon Tree Houses Ltd construct beautiful natural structures for the young and old to enjoy. This post showcases some of their unique creations.

Domestic tree houses are commissioned for children and adults alike, with prices ranging from 5,000 to 100,000+.

Beautiful Amazon Tree Houses 2

Beautiful Amazon Tree Houses 3

Beautiful Amazon Tree Houses 4

Beautiful Amazon Tree Houses 5

Beautiful Amazon Tree Houses 6

Beautiful Amazon Tree Houses 7

Beautiful Amazon Tree Houses 8

Beautiful Amazon Tree Houses 9

Beautiful Amazon Tree Houses 10

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  1. Gerald Weber

    The only question I have is where the heck where these treehouses when I was a kid?

  2. Isabelle

    my dad always told me he would build me one.
    it never happened.

    then again, if i had one and then saw these, i would probably cry.

  3. Kortnee

    Is it just me, or would living in one of those be the SWEETEST THING EVER?!

  4. Ronnie

    wow´╝îi want to owen one

  5. mostafa

    very amazing, very nice!

  6. Mohammad Mahdian

    When I was a kid I wish I have one of them.
    It was 20 years ago!

  7. tech-mad

    wouldn’t bugs be a problem in these?

  8. Maksimo

    Id still love to live in one, even if just for the summer. And bugs? Just puts nets on ya windows and over ya bed and make sure the place is properly sealed.

  9. christy

    You wouldn’t actually live in one of these, right? What about pluming and electric?


  10. Shameister

    Human are so creative!

  11. Reyhaneh

    I love them,they are amazing

  12. Mutiara

    Wowoooooo ….Amazing :)

  13. Tami

    How to make it??
    I hope, someday i will have one …

  14. Guus

    When you live in one of these, it’s not ‘my home is my castle’ but ‘my home is a castle’.

  15. Vik

    Wow, my tree house was like 3 planks when I was a kid…I’m jealous.

  16. Karen

    i’d still buy one even if i dont have kids… good place to sleep in the summer and when i do have kids, its gonna be AWESOME

  17. Karin L. Stewart

    I would feel so lucky just to have the opportunity to spend a night in any one of these. They are spectacular!

  18. Tufty Nutjob

    Top Tip: Save the expense of a treehouse simply by erecting a tree trunk in the middle of your living room, placing branches at the windows and scattering squirrel sh!t on the floor.

  19. farzaneh

    always I wish i have one of them

  20. edward


  21. Relaby

    ohhh those are my dream play house when i was a kid…

  22. Johnti

    id buy one.

  23. luis minaya

    there so much than awesome, creative,breathtaking, cool
    practical,inspiring and still u can play as a kid… whatelse u could ask for

  24. banana

    id buy one if i could..haha

  25. Sophiya

    I need one of these tree houses for my project

  26. Gugu

    i too wanted a live in a tree house when i was a kid… still do… maybe i’ll build them for my kids!!!

  27. Gil

    I LOVE the idea, but I’m be paranoid about living under a lightning rod…

  28. alay

    I have such a tree house fetish.

    My dad started to build me one, said he would put siding on it with real windows cause he had it all left over from his job (a contractor, siding windows all that crap), all I got was three walls and a roof :/.

  29. Madeleine

    I have always wanted to live in a tree…. Tarzan is my hero :)

  30. Annabelle

    my dad and I will be building one of these and it will be EXACT.

  31. kritika

    me and my sweetheart always had this dream to have our own tree house, this would help us to build one.. and it wud b just out of the world I’m sure….

    love this concept of tree house, serene, beautiful, natural, calm.. amazing

  32. Magaly Guerrero

    I’ve always dreamed of living in a beautiful cabin in the middle of the woods, but after seeing this my dream has changed: I want to live IN the wood! This is amazing.

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