Desert Stadium

Desert Stadium

Modern stadium designed by MZ Architects will be fully embedded into the desert landscape of Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.

If the project gets approved, beautiful “Rock Stadium” will be carved into the ground and the side of a rocky mountain near the city.

Great tourist destination and a place for concerts and sporting events.

Rock Stadium

Rock Stadium by MZ Architects

Stadium Concept

Mountain Stadium

Stadium Blueprint

MZ Architects

Stadium in the Desert

Modern Stadium

Innovative Stadium

Underground Stadium

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  1. Joe

    Is there anything that the UAE won’t build? Although this is pretty awesome. It makes a hell of a lot more sense than a ski hill, that’s for sure.

  2. Ben

    No roads and no car park – hope you enjoy the camel ride.

  3. PaulB

    @ Ben. Look at all the images properly before you comment. There is parking on the other side of the mountain, you’ll walk to the stadium ( you can take a camel if you want) through tunnels in the mountain. And there are roads, this isn’t the 1st century we live in. I hope you’re not in construction. If this isn’t the case, it’s in the desert. You can park and drive your car pretty much anywhere. The UAE is epic. Just came back from Abu Dhabi, I visited Yas Waterpark on Yas Island. What a freaking insane Island! There’s not much to not do in that country.

  4. @PaulB

    If you really think the UAE was “epic” i really hope you are not in construction/architecture!

  5. Betty

    If you think the UAE is “epic” I really hope you are not a woman.

  6. Ghi

    @Betty , you do realize the UAE is not Saudi, right? I live there, and as a woman I assure you I have more rights and freedom than any Western woman does. I have the right to both cover up or not, go to a public beach or a ladies only beach, drive my own car or get someone to drive me around. I have a right to work, to party, too attend concerts, to go to Yas Waterworld, Ferrari world, withdraw gold instead f cash, and pretty much do whatever I want. That is what living in the UAE means.

    I just wish people would stop judging before they experience something for themselves. Your comment was arrogant, judgemental and ignorant.

  7. Sam

    @Ghi More rights that any Western woman? That’s the most delusional thing i’ve heard in months.

  8. Max

    I like it. The stadium blends in beautifully its surroundings. also the seating facilities are great (no pun intended). The plastic chairs which you usually find in stadiums are often broken and dirty, not to mention just plain uncomfortable and ugly.

  9. Gert

    Wow Sam… for someone that’s never been there you sure are being a jerk about something you don’t know anything about. A LOT of countries enjoy more rights than some Western countries, US in particular is moving backwards in women’s rights issues.

  10. nanobelle

    Any time we allow fear to shape our decisions we move backwards. Fear may teach but it is a bad master. I believe we are here on this site to witness fearless design and innovative thinking. Just because something isn’t perfectly realized doesn’t mean it is worthless.Ideas can be art too, consider Thomas Paine or Marcel Duchamp…they were fearless innovators that had dissimilar mediums but lasting effects.

  11. Max

    I love how a soccer stadium in a desert sparked a debate on human rights and women rights around the world.

  12. Yeezy

    I work on architecture projects in the UAE. It’s impossible to find the right photorealistic entourage.

  13. Aidan

    Can you guys stop arguing about the UAE??? People are ridiculous. We are trying to give an opinion or view on a stadium, not the country.

  14. jacklyn

    @Aidan THANK YOU. i’ve been reading through these comments and i totally agree with you.

  15. Joe

    @ Aidan

    What I find ridiculous is that someone actually has a problem with people exploring political and philosophical ideas spontaneously…

  16. Subash

    Does any1 ever find that .. Its not a real picture !! It is PHOTO-SHOPPED !!!

  17. Mj

    @Subash we know it photo-shopped. That’s why it says in the top that it is designed and “if it gets approved”. So obviously we know its not a real location yet.

  18. Ducnan

    @Gert & @Ghi

    I’d like an explanation as to how UAE women have more rights then “western” women. This is something I haven’t heard before.

  19. dane


  20. Libeerian

    Nice desert stadium. For a realistic reference, check out the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale. Now THAT’s a fine desert stadium!

  21. Mike Thridge

    UAE is way ahead of other Arab nations as far as women’s rights, BUT still far behind western nations. No females in executive roles in government, like Secretary of State Rice, Albright, H. Clinton. No women in executive roles on highest courts, like Ginsberg, O’Connor, Kagan, Sotomayor. UAE only recently appointed its first female ambassador and first female judge in 2008. Credit is due for UAE being a beacon of hope in the Arab world, but let’s not delude ourselves into thinking it’s anywhere near as liberated as western nations.

  22. Mark

    won’t it just fill up with sand every day with the desert wind blowing the sand into the big hole (ie: stadium?) ?

  23. Hardev

    three clicks on the t’web and this is what I found out…I’ll stick to the football bits only…

    It’s an oasis area that is home to Al Ain FC ( in 1968 and are the most successful UAE Team and possibly Asia (they won the Asian Champions League – don’t get to see any of those games and didn’t even know the ACL existed, but makes sense). I live in London so “drowned” out by the european leagues…).

    Worth checking out the FC site – I don’t speak arabic, but the current stadium looks amazing!! Would love to watch a game there! And I’m guessing that the desert stadium is a replacement one for their existing one?

    As for the dessert stadium – design, yeah it’s ok, but could do better…as a football stadium, it needs a serious re-think if it goes ahead! The gap between the stands and the pitch is too big and the entire seating area needs to be angled higher so that fans feel closer to the action (the emirates is a good example).

    Either way I like the post, as if I travel in that area, I’ll try to catch a home game…:)

  24. Hardev

    by the way…as an expample of merging the environment with a new structure – like it…

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