Tree House Bedroom

Tree House Bedroom

Unique bedroom with amazing indoor tree house designed by KidTropolis.

Beautiful nature themed room is equipped with swings, climbing ropes, integrated storage compartments, decorative trees, and folding table that transforms into magnetic chalkboard.

Treehouse Bedroom

Indoor Tree House

Modern Bedroom

Creative Bedroom

Folding Table


Kidtropolis Bedroom


Kidtropolis Tree House

Bedroom Swing

Kidtropolis Bookshelf

Indoor Treehouse


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  1. Mark

    Swiss Family Robinson!

  2. jack raison

    with a room like that why would a kid ever need a TV?!

  3. Sharyn

    How cool is that? I’d love it! It seems like a really large bedroom to me, or more likely a couple of rooms. Whatever, I’d still love it and there’s elements (like the armoire) that I’d love in pretty much any room of my house.

  4. woops


    To escape the imaginary world their parents set for them evident by their room theme.

    Sweet room though no doubt!

  5. Poet

    That room is bigger than all my childhood rooms combined.

  6. Joel

    Pretty cool concept, but a couple of problem spots: The fold up table could be pretty dangerous if it fell (I’d just leave it open, it’s not like they need to save space in there) and the stools could topple off the raised floor pretty easily, there’s not much space between the table and the edge of the platform, but I love the secret compartments in the floor that the raised floor provides.

  7. Evan

    Unsafe? I predict a vast majority of problems will occur once they step outside the door of this wonderful place and set foot in the real world.

  8. I Like Traffic Lights

    For such a room I will pay you all of my dollars.


    wow i wish i could also have this bedroom

  10. ran

    my dream room…..

  11. Joy

    i like it. :)

  12. Amy

    Probably shouldn’t want this as much as i do

  13. kun

    woooow fantastic

  14. Ru

    I love the rolling ladder against the vertical storage. I had floor to ceiling storage as a kid, which was totally pointless because I couldn’t reach any of it! I had to struggle using a computer chair for height. A rolling ladder is much safer.

  15. Gert

    I like this but I’m confused. They seem to have spent great attention to some details.. and others like the paint detail on the walls.. not so much. It’s super easy to sponge clouds instead of brushing them and only takes two colors of paint if you want to go very simple.

    I guess I was expecting more detail after all that work.

  16. the stranger

    I bet the servers just love you at the restaurants Gert.

  17. ash

    This is absoluely fanastic. I would live in a room like this now and I am 21!

  18. Erika

    Any idea where to get the tree that has the door?

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