Cool Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars

Cool Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars

Spiral Cellars Ltd is a company that provides watertight, pre-cast concrete wine cellars that can be installed almost anywhere in your home.

Each cylindrical wine cellar relies on the surrounding earth for its insulation and combined with an ingenious air-flow system, it requires no power to maintain its constant temperature.

Cool Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars 2

Cool Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars 3

Cool Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars 4

Cool Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars 5

Cool Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars 6

Cool Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars 7

Cool Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars 8

Cool Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars 9

Cool Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars 10

Priced at $30,000+ these wine cellars are not for everyone; however, if you can afford one, it will definitely spice up your home and impress your friends.

  1. Manish Ahuja

    Now that’s clearly the first phase of an investment. What good is a cellar without an outstanding collection of wines to support the same. Outstanding concept though :)

  2. michael layne

    what a brilliant idea. every house should have one.

  3. lily

    besides the pay for the celler you also have to get ALL the wine, you cant have an empty wine celler!

  4. Troy Peterson

    OK… that is cool.
    I would never pay for one… but, then again, I’m not that into wine.

    I’m a Scotch man myself :)

  5. ColdDevil

    Great idea! I’ve never seen this before :D

    Well, it can also be filled with some other good stuff like whiskey or something :)

  6. Graydian

    hmm. i would just fill it with stuff.

  7. itsbrandnew

    wow! Cool but its soooo tiny! I’d get claustrophobia!

  8. Grant McDonald

    One more thing this site has made me add to my house.

  9. Betty Cires

    very practical, but not suitable for obese people

  10. tech-mad

    love the ones with the see-through glass (or whatever material it is) – probably not cellophane unless it’s for pranking guests.

  11. evansgarcia

    It’s a very cute idea and the best way to take advantage of the space in a small house :)

  12. Beezy

    ha! fun

  13. Hsoj Spillihp

    even though this is an old idea and its been done before, i am glad someone is finally marketing it.

  14. Karin L. Stewart

    Extremely creative. A nice option for any house that wants one!

  15. delere

    compact, clever, cool. Very nice.

  16. Xiara


  17. Pedal Shop

    Yeah, I can see that one, after the first bottle of wine is down’d.. each follow bottle becomes more and more of a challenge to get.

  18. Pergatorius

    I also am not such a wine afficionado, but would think that this idea would be very useful for a library or media room.

  19. Haley

    They all looked the same what is the differece

  20. Mad scientist jr.

    why don’t replace that wine cellar with something else? like your own secret base or something like that?

  21. Jonas

    too bad I don’t really like wine… o_O

  22. angel

    wow if i had one i would make a secret club

  23. Nestor

    I wonder if you can fit boxed wine in there?

  24. Jack

    Scotch is best aged too!

  25. Scott

    I would fill it full of beer (barley wines/strong ales/old ales/imperial stouts)I plan on building one of these myself someday.

  26. TG

    If you have the space to make one, can’t you just put a fancy section in your already existing cellar or basement? It would be a lot cheaper…

  27. Nikolai

    I’m curious on how far down it goes.

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