Shattering Door by Leandro Erlich

Shattering Door by Leandro Erlich

Incredible art installation by Leandro Erlich, a talented artist from Argentina.

It is currently on display at Luciana Brito gallery in São Paulo, Brazil.

Shattering Door

Shattering Door Sculpture

Shattering Door Art Installation

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  1. Megan

    Absolutely incredible! I have NEVER seen anything like this.

  2. Hsoj Spillihp

    is it really a door?… or just an art piece?… cool, but if it works… double cool.

  3. Manish Ahuja

    That’s clearly a mind shattering idea ;)

  4. Karin Stewart

    Just like trump l’oeil!


    Interesting idea, yes?

  6. ikin


  7. charubhashini

    cool door!

  8. geeta

    I feel its a very good art piece..
    and only an artist will want to have such a door…
    but as far as functional aspect is concerned, it will need a lot of maintainence.

  9. Betty Cires

    Very creative. I Recommend viewing other artist’s works

  10. Taz


  11. jo cool

    that is much interesting. I applauding the artist

  12. him

    Hey, lots of cleaning effort would be required.

    But charming indeed~

  13. Beezy

    love this! gimme more!

  14. jassi

    shattering idea….awesome…

  15. derschreckliche

    Hmmm – last time mine looked like this i drunk too much ;-P

  16. Speedmaster

    Wow, very cool! ;-)

  17. Altinay

    That’s awesome!

  18. Graydian

    wow, i guess you could fall right through that :D

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